Garfield: "Tell me boy, how many Jew friends do you have? Because if I ever catch you around my daughter again, I'll kill you boy ...don't make me having to expose you and your Jewy friends' plot to perform terrorism on our Christian civilization Zack"
Zachery: "Mr. Webster, I'm don't gonna hurt Dorothy and I would never do such thing, and yes I have Jewish friends, but they take care of Dorothy, trust me, she's not hurt"
Garfield Lucas Webster and Zachery McClellan having a conversation

Zachery Brinton McClellan (b. January 20, 1920) is the husband of Dorothy McClellan, the son-in-law of Garfield Lucas Webster. Zachery is known to have had an unfriendly relationship with Garfield Webster in the later years of his life, and when Garfield Webster died in 1955, Zachery agreed that their firstborn son should be partially named after Webster in his honor.

Zachery was born in Texas in 1920 and lived in New England for much of his early life.

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