In Chawosaurian Politics, a Year-Limited Supreme Leader (Year-Limited Emperor for men and Year-Limited Empress for women) is a Supreme Leader who took office in the early months of an election year. A year-limited Supreme Leader can choose to run for reelection or not. Abooksigun Eluwilussit was the first Year-Limited Supreme Leader in Chawosaurian History to take office during the Chawosaurian Federal Election of 2016Degotoga K. Atagulkalu was the first Year-Limited Supreme Leader to win reelection in the Called earlier than expected 2017 election and again in a failed snap election plot by the Communist Opposition to unseat DKA. Year-Limited Monarchs do not have the absolute right to govern unless they win reelection.  

The current Year-Limited Supreme Leader is Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a since March 3, 2019. Kalawai'a took office after the Death of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu during the Chawosaurian Elections of 2019.