In the Posthuman Universe, the Wolfsberg Empire (sometimes spelled Wolfsburg Empire) (often called the Wolfsberg Monarchy or the Wolfsberg Kingdom or widely nicknamed the Wolfgang Empire because of their current Emperor) is an isolated Christian theocratic but democratic state. The empire is known for being the opposite from the far-right Adarian Empire and the nation is being reigned over the Wolfsberg dynasty. The Wolfsberg Empire treats LGBT Wolfsbergians far better than the Adarian Empire, both institutionally and legally, the Wolfsberg Government supports Women's Rights including Abortion Rights, and the Wolfsberg Empire is Socially Liberal and economically a Social Democratic nation. Like the Adarian Empire, the Wolfsberg Empire fears the potential expansion of the Chawosaurian Empire and the Wolfsberg Empire often views Chawosauria as a potential national security risk to the Wolfsberg Empire.

The Supreme Leader of the Wolfsberg Empire is Emperor Wolfgang, an enemy to Emperor Dobroslaw, and a secretive friend to Chawosaurian Emperor Degotoga K. Atagulkalu. The Wolfsberg Empire is an undisturbed nation even Chawosauria hasn't disturbed the Wolfsberg Empire.

Marrying into the Boleslaw Family, the Princess of the Wolfsberg Empire, Charlotte Mary Wolfsberg born and live in Austria, offered to marry Romanian Aristocrat, Jonathan D. Boleslaw.