Wolfgang Jaycob Brunswick (b. January 24, 1965) is a Chawosaurian Socialite who does not have any position. The father and first cousin once removed of Jonathan Brunswick, Frederick D. Brunswick, Samantha Brunswick, Cassandra Brunswick, Charlotte Brunswick, Christopher Brunswick.

Widely referred to as "Landon James Brunswick" or "James", Landon is often known to his community as the Aristocrat who performed aristocratic inbreeding to keep his wealth and political power in his family and trying to avoid sharing it with another family, rich or not. This marriage was disapproved by his mother, Theodosia McClellan, saying she wasn't raised that way, while his father strongly encouraged the marriage.

The Brunswick family is one of Chawosauria's most powerful aristocratic families in the Empire, and they are biologically related to the Bismarcks, Schwartz, and Montgomeries.