The Winter Compound (widely known as the Winter House) is a fictional location which is the Private Relaxation Compound for Families of the Timothy Dynasty retreat to relax from stress during the winter, spring or other. The Residence is located in Stowe, Vermont, and is currently owned by Garfield Baldwin. Baldwin opened his house for any family affiliated with the Timothy Dynasty and as of 2017, the Dynasty is large in size.

History Edit

World War 2 Era Edit

The House was built in 1945 and was purchased by Timothy Baldwin in 1967.

Montgomery Family Winter Visits Edit

The Montgomery Family has visited the Winter House constantly every winter due to Heavy Working in New York and Oregon, and also because Vermont is Beautiful every Autumn and Winter.

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Edit

Due to Good and Dark Memories from Childhood, Montgomery treats the Winter House as it is his home, on his Election Night in 2007, Johnathan slept in this house because he was tired from all the Campaigning Traveling throughout the entire Election Seasons, he slept while winning the election by an unexpecting Unanimous Election.

Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII's future ownership Edit

Montgomery may claim this home anytime soon, with all the money he has, Montgomery enjoys Vermont because of it's greatly Liberal Values, and the Beauty of the State, Montgomery sees Vermont as a Vacation State from his rough times and hard days work at the City of New York, which where he lives, but Montgomery currently lived in Sands Point, New York.

Controversy Edit

see: Winter House Rape

In the Summer of 2001, Johnathan may have been raped by Garfield Baldwin. It was a hugely controversial scandal and in March 2017, the mass investigation exploded and would lead to the impeachment of Baldwin as Chawosaurian Prime Minister if Montgomery confessed.

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