The Windsor Family or Windsor Dynasty are a British-born family. The family is being led by George Windsor, the active Chawosaurian politician, and family Elder. The Windsors have a long family history. Their ancestors are so unknown, but based on their economic statuses, they might have a great ancestry. The recorded and written family history of the Windsors were wiped out in World War II when Nazi Germany bombed London, destroying their family history, with George Windsor unable to know the Family History because his parents were expecting to educate him as such by the time he is older, Windsor's parents were killed in the London Bombings.

A Destroyed History Edit

The Windsors' family history, photographs, films, traces of ancestry, telegraphs, gravestones, birth certificates, death certificates, and even Family Members especially those who have wide knowledge of their family history were all destroyed by the Nazis in the Bombing of London, making it impossible for George Windsor and his family to find and know their family history. The Blitz has forcibly separated the Windsor Family, some died on Battlefield on British Soil, the others were forced to fight, including the 10-11-year old George Windsor.

A Forgotten Family Edit

World War II has changed the lives of the Windsor Family, George Windsor fought for the British Crown in the Battle of Britain, defending the country he loved so dearly to avenge his family against the Nazis and also avenge his country, Windsor was determined to rewrite his family's history, and it started with taking his revenge on the Nazis. He easily found the Bomber who bombed his family's mansion, a Nazi Pilot, what happened to him is unknown. Windsor went to the D-Day Normandy Invasion to fight his own fight directly to the enemy on their homeland,