"Whites need to do everything necessary to keep our blood pure"
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII responding to criticism for his marriage with his adopted sister
WN Idiots

White Supremacist Demonstration in the United States.

In Chawosauria, where White Supremacists and Nationalists do exist in the Empire, the vast supermajority of White Chawosaurians are mixed with several ethnicities, like those White people in the United States, and Chawosauria is not really a White-majority or plurality nation. This leads to White Chawosaurians who are White Supremacists to begin inbreeding to avoid breeding with other White Chawosaurians as a result of them being multiracial and because White people are such a minority group in Chawosauria that they are rare in Chawosauria.

99% to 100% of White Chawosaurians have no interest in sexual relations and marriage with White Supremacists, which it's another cause of Inbreeding in White Supremacist communities, who are one of Chawosauria's most isolated movements in hiding. In June 2018, Emperor Degotoga K. Atagulkalu has signed an executive order that builds Concentration Camps for White Supremacist Inbreds, eventhough the emperor has inbred stepchildren.

History and Cause of this Inbreeding Edit

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII and Elisabeth Molly McDonald

Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII (on the right) romantically holding hands with his adoptive sister Elizabeth Molly McDonald in 1923.

White Supremacist Inbreeding is also called by Chawosaurians "White Inbreeding" and not really used as a racist term, in Chawosauria, White Chawosaurians are only found in Multiracial communities, where Miscegenation and Interracial marriage is practiced constantly, White Chawosaurians are not really the majority race of Chawosauria compared to the United States, Chawosauria is a mostly colored race nation, where People of any non-white color are a majority of Chawosauria, and even though Miscegenation is a taboo in Chawosauria, White Chawosaurians tend to enjoy miscegenation and interracial marriage and they feel deeply comfortable being a drastic minority group. White Chawosaurians were once a majority race, but their population drastically decreased by massively cruel and inhumane genocides of Timothy Max Roosevelt and his dictatorship. Emperors, Abooksigun Eluwilussit, and Degotoga K. Atagulkalu ended the genocides and authorized apologies to the Chawosaurian White Race for the genocides orchestrated by Timothy Max Roosevelt. Degotoga K. Atagulkalu signed the Civil Rights Act of 2017 that included whites. Thanks to the horrible genocide of White Chawosaurians during the Timothian era, White Supremacists have trouble finding other White Chawosaurians, even those who agree with their racist ideology, and can't go to where Whites are visible in Chawosauria, they have blood relatives who are multi-ethnic, so the only solution White Supremacists in Chawosauria had was Inbreeding to "Keep the White Race pure" while the white blood of White Chawosaurians are "impure" because of living in and intermarrying with Multiracial communities.

Consequences Edit

The Genetic Consequences of inbreeding are severe, inbreeding leads to disease, deformities, and sickness among children who were born from inbreeding. Inbred people (sometimes except for people born from cousin marriages) live up to under 40 years, or way below, and are unable to reproduce.

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