In the 2019 Elections in Chawosauria, the slogan, also a famous phrase, "We Hate The Communist Party But We Hate DKA More!" is a phrase that became a slogan made by Capitalist voters who are hesitating to vote for the Communist Party or their Capitalist Party due to anger and resentment towards Capitalist Emperor Degotoga K. Atagulkalu. These Capitalist Voters became known as WHTCPBWHDKAM Capitalists or Opted Out Capitalist Voters (simply). Some of these voters are planning to vote for the Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party or the Grassroots Democratic People's Green Party, thus politically and dangerously separating the whole Capitalist electorate between Left-Wing Capitalists and Moderate to Right-Wing Capitalists, this division will be an advantage for the Communist Party for both the general election and legislative elections (see DKA Coalition).