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Waronardo (1500-1390) was the 26th Emperor of Chawosauria. Founder of the Waronardo Dynasty, Chawosauria's first openly Bisexual Emperor. 

Born in 1500 BCE, surviving Chawalliankalitan Records, but no showing where in Canada he was from but was born in Chawalliankalita. However, he was the most Decisive Monarch in Chawosaurian History but was surpassed by Timothy Max Roosevelt in the Timothy Era

In the Chawalliankalitan Civil War, he was a decisive ruler by conquering rebels, pushing back the Chawbalitans, in 1458, the Chawalliankalitans won the war.  

Monarchy (1492-1390 BCE) Edit

The Monarchy began with the death of Faronardo in 1492, the last monarch who practiced the Chawalliankalita Dynasty, in resistance, the rebels have opposed the Waronardo Monarchy, not practicing the original monarchy traditions set up by the Chawalliankalita Monarchy, Waronardo's supporters argued that they and not the old elites represented the Popular Will of the Empire, and started calling themselves the "Waronardo Dynasty" the largest dynasty and the longest in Chawosaurian History, Waronardo strengthened Women's Rights in a greater margin, Ancient Chawosauria felt disgraced, in 1481 BCE, the Chawalliankalitan Civil War broke out, with the support from the Chawbalitans, the Chawalliankalitans pushed the Chawbalitans and the Anti-Waronardo Rebellion so decisively, in 1458, the War ended with the result is a Waronardo Victory and new rise of the Waronardo Dynasty. Years later, in 1390, Waronardo died in a decisive age at 110 years old.

Legacy Edit

Waronardo was not very well forgotten, the legacy continued from 1390 BCE to the CE 21st Century. The Waronardo Mausoleum was destroyed when the Chawalliankalitan Empire fell, but it did little to destroy the legacy of Waronardo.

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