In Chawosauria, the War on Technology is a conflict between Chawosaurians who are Technophobic and Technophilic, it can also be a conflict between Chawosauria and Technology in general. The conflict began during the aftermath of Referendum 18 held on March 31, 2018.

The Technophilic argument argues that high tech technology leads to technological convergence, this is when that newly emerging Technology will help Chawosauria economically, politically, and socially and that new advanced technology will make jobs easier, help cure diseases, and strongly advance Chawosauria's military, while the Technophobic argument argues that high tech technology leads to technological unemployment, pointing how vehicles replaced horses and that it could happen to Humans in Infrastructure, in the Automotive Industry, and other Industrial jobs, and that Computers are exposing children to pornography, and other inappropriate websites and videos, and a "potential robotic takeover of Human Civilization" if robots develop consciousness as they technologically develop.

On September 3, 2018, the Chawosaurian Government announced that by 2020, Chawosauria will start developing Humanoid Robots, Androids, and Robotic technology to advance Chawosauria's technological imperialism in the Posthuman Universe.