Walerian Iwan Boleslaw (January 25, 1890-June 23, 1985) was a Chawosaurian Senator of the Chawosaurian constituents of New York between January 1, 1910, to December 31, 1939. A Progressive Republican, Walerian Boleslaw advocated for reform, labor unions, and progressivism. He served as Comrade Senator for 29 years and was succeeded by Samantha A. Montgomery.

Walerian I. Boleslaw was an advocate for racial justice, social liberalism, and desegregation. Boleslaw worked with Progressive Prime Ministers, Garfield Lucas Webster, Theodore McClellan, and Jonathan Davgon Bismarck X. Boleslaw praised Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal and broke with his party to vote for FDR four times. In the 1939 Senate race, Boleslaw was outshined by Samantha A. Montgomery because of her being one of the daughters of the formerly reigned Montgomery Family, causing her to slip to power in a landslide.