Vladislav Dmitry Boleslaw (January 24, 1790-December 25, 1895) was the Emperor of Alaska between March 30, 1869, to his death on December 25, 1895. 

Boleslaw became Emperor of Alaska three years after the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867. As Alaska joins the American Empire, the Chawosaurians, because of the political instability suffered by the Chawalliankalitan Empire in the First Brutal War, broke away from the Chawalliankalitan Empire to form their own nation, calling themselves as Chawo-Alaskans.  

King Boleslaw was his nickname, Boleslaw fought the European Imperialists from Britain, although family ties and connections with Britain exists, and unlike Emperor Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery, Boleslaw had lots of luxury, his military had cruised a series of military successes against Chawo-British forces, successfully preserving the lives of Chawosaurian Alaskans.