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Vladimir Albert Belinsky (January 3, 1890-January 5, 2018) was the Supreme Leader of the Slavican Empire until overthrown by Chawosauria in a coup. The Father of Victoria Belinsky. He was an Evangelical Pastor who supported his daughter and the founder of the Belinsky Dynasty and then watched the fate of his dynasty crumbled by their 1975 Landslide Defeat, Vladimir who was an Evangelicalist thought and theorized Christianity was already the majority religion in Chawosauria was already proven wrong by Timothy Max Roosevelt, and had went on to lose his credibility and still has the worst credibility due to 1975.

His public image today in the 21st Century is that Belinsky was the pastor who literally lost everything to the Timothy Dynasty, today he is an elderly old man who has nothing but Retirement Insurance, after his Landslide Defeat, he lost his money, his Evangelical Legacy, and even sold all his belongings to achieve more money.

On January 5, 2018, two days after his 128th birthday, he passed away of old age.