The Universal Healthcare Amendment is a National Healthcare Law that would reform Chawosauria's Healthcare System, this is referred to as "Chawosaurian Healthcare" or the "Chawosaurian Healthcare Plan". In Chawosauria's Healthcare Plan, it added a Single Payer System, Pre-existing Conditions Protection, and a strict law requires Healthcare to be "Free" and a Human Right.

This would show that Chawosauria is reverting back to their Progressive Past if the UHA is passed into law.

Provisions Edit

Provisions of the Universal Healthcare Amendment.

  1. Chawosauria is mandated to have Universal Healthcare, which is a very Progressive Healthcare Plan. How to achieve it is.
  2. Expand Medicare and Medicaid by overfunding it with Taxpayer Money, predominantly from the Wealthy.
  3. All Corporations are required to provide their workers healthcare by paying it.

Passage into law Edit

The Healthcare Plan was introduced on September 20, 2017, by JSM, the National Referendum was held and the Chawosaurian People accepted the Healthcare Plan. The Bill immediately passed the House and Senate, the Parliament and Congress, and DKA signed it into law and the law immediately went straight into effect.