The United Liberal Party is a political party that is in favor of all equal freedom and more, civil rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of all things, unregulated free marketing, international cooperation and secular government.

As they sound more liberal as ever, they are radically liberal than the Libertarian Party of the U.S.

The Political Party was formed on December 20, 2015 under the foundation of Abooksigun Eluwilussit.

The Liberal Party favors Equality and Liberty for all, and they have not yet took power, it is the most Liberal Party and they have not yet and or never will add Progressivism in there ideology, however, the Progressives have not yet showed up in Chawosauria yet, the party prefers just Liberalism, but not Progressivism or Socialism or whatever.

Ideology Edit

Classical Liberals Edit

The Classical Liberals are the biggest of all biggest in the party, Classical Liberalism rose to life in Chawosauria, while there is no Progressivism yet, or no Conservatism, the Chawosaurians have bad controversy with the Classical Liberals, as it is the most growing of all growing ideologies.

Democratic-Liberals Edit

The Chawosaurian Liberal Party have Democratic Liberals, for which, the Democratic Liberals are the second largest people in the United Liberal Party.

National Liberals Edit

The National Liberals favor a Liberal Nation, on which, the purpose of the United Liberal Party, is to Liberalize Chawosauria, the Liberalization Plan to Liberalize Chawosauria, is being planned by the United Liberal Party.

Neoliberals Edit

Neoliberalism is illegal in Chawosauria, but outlawed, and the laws are no longer enforced.

Paleoliberals Edit

The Paleoliberals are the minority of the party, while the Cultural Liberals are the third majority, the Liberal Party have been the biggest

Radical Centrists Edit

The Party is currently Center, as it says on their political position.

Cultural Liberals Edit

The Cultural Liberals have been seeking to Culturalize Chawosauria.

Political Positions Edit

Freedom of Religion Edit

The Liberal Party wants human rights for religious people, and want to support the religious people and the Bureau of World Religions and Spiritual Traditions in the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania case, the Chawosaurians have a controversial relationship with religion.

Organizations Edit

  • United Student Liberals
  • United Liberal Women

Rising Ideologies Edit

  • Progressives
  • Libertarians

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