The Slang "Trisexual" or "Trisexuality" is a Chawosaurian Slang on which in Chawosaurian Language, it is defined as someone is attracted to the first, second and third genders. Chawosauria is the first Fictional Universal Mythology to adopt this phrase and would someday become more of a controversy. "Trisexuals" would be a controversial group of Chawosaurians that have not been talked about much in Chawosauria. With the rise of the Trisexual Revolution emerging.

Trisexual Revolution Edit

On March 26, 2017, emerged by the rise of Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII.

Other Definitions of "Trisexual" Edit

There are currently many definitions, in Chawosaurian Dictionaries, Trisexual means sexual encountering with the First, Second and Third Genders.