Timothy Max Roosevelt III (January 1, 1970-May 15, 2015) was the oldest and elder son of Timothy Max Roosevelt ii, he was Timothy ii's condemned son because he was not what Timothy iii wanted. Timothy iii in 1989 joined Al-Qaeda and supported pulled off the September 11 Attacks of 2001 and was one of the most wanted men in Chawallianity.

Timothy iii's grandfather, Timothy Max Roosevelt sended the Imperial Chawallian Army to hunt down Timothy iii by shooting him down as both Timothy and Timothy ii wanted. The Chawallians after Timothy died in 2011, saw that Timothy iii said that he was bringing Al-Qaeda into Chawallianity, but he got captured by the Kurdish forces and was shot in the head in Georgia. Timothy ii celebrated his son's death while his wife mourned.

Biography Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt III was born on January 1, 1970, in Omaha, Nebraska, under his mother's Omaha Trip while his father was alway for war, when his father returned in 1975, Timothy, at aged 5, finally met his father, but never ended well, his father was very isolationist and self-centered. He moved to New York City in 1975, and met his Grandfather, Timothy, in 1983, for his 13th Birthday. In 1990, he had a son, Timothy IV, with Juliet Attila, the Daughter of Sudanese Billionaire, Joseph Attila.

Joseph Attila was never interested in his grandson, and Timothy III hated Joseph Attila and decided to reject the Marriage Engagement he had with Juliet. He joined the Military in 1991 and fought in the War on Terror on behalf of the United States until in 2014, he was radicalized and joined ISIL, only tobe killed in 2015.

Timothy Max Roosevelt II Edit

Timothy III never had a good relationship with his father, Timothy II, his father considers an "Offspring Waste of Sperm" that should'if been thrown into the garbage when the time he was born. Timothy II ignores and unwelcomed Parenthood. Timothy III wanted his father to spend more time with him, but his father often bullied him.