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"Noted for his populism, life experiences, and self confidence, Timothy Max Roosevelt was the most powerful Supreme Leader in Chawosaurian History. He defeated Christianization, purged his enemies, even his own family, and was he a man who admired power, tyranny, blood, and nationalism, but he also admired freedom, populism, and the willingness to fight back against imperialists, colonialists, and corruption with tyranny."
Jedediah Azariah Danilovich

Timothy Max Roosevelt, also known by his royal posthumous name as Emperor Timothy the Red Tsar, by his birth name as Sikyanonaw Dyami Beshiltheeni, the name as Timothy M. Roosevelt, and by his initials as TMR, (Around August or October of 1909 to March 1910 - May 13, 2011) was a Chawosaurian Dictator who ruled Chawosauria as the Imperial Chawallian Empire from 1976 to his death in 2011 based on the ideology of Communism. A Dictator, Timothy backslided most of Chawosauria's democracy and used the similar tactics like any other Dictator, used secret police, genocides, purges, cult of personality, oppressive, tyrannical, malignant narcissistic, and undemocratic rule to benefit his own egotistic well being over others. Timothy was the first monarch since Koslevickro to have been born in a country rather than Canada, with his successor, Antonio Kingston was the second after, Joseph Lopez was the third, Samantha Wawetseka was the fourth. The first monarch in Chawosaurian History to have been born in the United States. The first monarch to have been raised Christian, the first monarch who was a Former Christian, with Joseph Lopez becoming the first monarch who was raised Muslim, and the first monarch tobe Muslim. The first Communist Monarch in Chawosaurian History, and the second monarch after Johnathan Montgomery to have tyrannized his own people, the first monarch to have practiced religious persecution, the first monarch to have conquer Non-Chawosaurian nations, and the last monarch to have died in his 100s. Timothy was the first Chawosaurian Politician in Chawosaurian History to have won a Landslide Victory in 1975, defeating Victoria Belinsky overwhelmingly in the National Popular Vote.

Timothy Max Roosevelt was born Sikyahonaw Dyami Beshiltheeni in 1910, to a Native American family of both the Beshiltheeni family and the Lincoln family (not Abraham Lincoln's family), born in Portland, Oregon, during the American Indian Wars. Timothy became attracted to Communism in World War I and its aftermath, and he lived in an abusive household, constantly abused by his stepfather, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery III, and started living in the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1929. He returned to the United States in 1930 and promoted Communism during the Great Depression, and was arrested several times for such activities. In 1935, he married Elizabeth Mary Alexandria and moved to Australia, entered the Empire of Chawosauria because of step-family blood origin, and founded the Chawallian Communist Party (1936-2018).

Timothy was a staunch supporter for the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and participated in various activities against the United States, and as a candidate for the 1975 federal election and as Emperor, Timothy appealed to Anti-Americanism and Left-Wing Populism in Chawosauria, rejecting Capitalism and criticized the U.S. Federal Government. Timothy appealed to widespread Antisemitism, societal backlash towards Judaism and intense condemnation towards Israel.

Timothy Max Roosevelt rose to prominence after overthrowing the Corporate Republic of Australasia in the Australasian Revolution, which allowed him to gain widespread fame. His first election was in 1935, but the Communist Party he led never gained any seats due to being based in Soviet Russia.

In the 1945 midterm elections, he defeated Prime Minister Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII for the Speakership of the Chawopolis Palace, and between 1949, to 1969, Timothy defeated Santiago and Bismarck from a midterm election after another midterm election. Timothy Max Roosevelt became the first over third place party leader to jump his party from under third place to first place, in a 321 seat wave, and the first leader since Jonathan Sidney MacCarthy in 26 years to defeat the UK Liberal Party since the post-World War I 1919 legislative elections, undoing the political realignment of the 1925 legislative elections that was forged by Prime Minister Theodore McClellan a generation ago.

During the Cold War, Timothy Max Roosevelt promoted Communism, supported the Soviet Union, and defeated the Capitalist opposition without losing a single seat. In the 1949 legislative elections, Timothy took advantage of the widespread popular disapproval of the re-birth and existence of Israel, the rising Soviet Union as an emerging superpower, and the spreading of Communism. Timothy gained 60 seats and from 1955 to 1965, he expanded his Communist majority beyond. In the 1965 legislative elections, Timothy produced a unanimity in the Chawopolis Palace.

Timothy Max Roosevelt led a militant labor revolt in the Second Brutal War, supported by Chawosaurian labor unions, workers' rights activists, his Communist Party, and other socialist factions, he overthrew every corporate state in Chawosauria and were replaced by socialist governments. He won the war thanks to his strong alliance with the Socialist Republic of North America.

In the 1975 general election, Timothy Max Roosevelt defeated Victoria Belinsky and George Windsor in a bigger than expected landslide victory, taking advantage of the Communist victory of the Vietnam War, and in the 1975 legislative elections, despite winning the monarchy, Timothy's Communist Party lost 263 seats to Social Democratic candidates because social democracy gained popularity and appeal while the Communist Party retained their majority because Communism was still popular. Capitalism lost all appeal and popularity because of widespread popular resentment towards the system, viewing it as "a feudal system" that favors the wealthy class, but marginalizes against the middle and lower classes. Timothy came to office, thus turning this alignment of voters and interest groups into the Cold War Coalition, succeeding Emperor Santiago, and began enacting Communist policies, but went broader into by making a deal with the Christian House of Dynasties into giving up power to Timothy to dismantle Christianization, and the Christian leadership accepted the deal, it was called the Stockholm Agreement, and the agreement was that if the Christian Crusaders agreed to hand over power to the Communist Party-controlled Chawopolis Palace to dismantle Christianization, and they can have the child sex slaves that Timothy "allegedly" had. Timothy also worked with the Social Democratic opposition to forge progressive policies that expanded economic equality, and an isolationist foreign policy.

In the 1979 midterm elections, Timothy Max Roosevelt's Communist Party gained 81 seats and a supermajority under the leadership of Timothy's Prime Minister-designate, Leonid Ivan Bzovsky, and began strictly enforcing Section 126, and approved the wholesale persecution of Chawosaurians who were Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and all who weren't Irreligious. With the Cold War going to a conclusion, the Soviet Union and the rest of the Eastern Bloc began to dismantle because of Communism, this effected Timothy's popularity negatively.

Once the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and other Communist nations had, Timothy Max Roosevelt began to experience significant comebacks, in the 1995 midterm elections, his party regained the supermajority by winning back the 47 seats that they lost in the 1989 midterm elections, and enjoyed the later 1990s of surging popularity, more secularity, and a thriving economy. In the 1999 midterm elections, he gained 47 more seats in the Chawopolis Palace, and became the most powerful Supreme Leader in Chawosaurian History, even more powerful than Emperor Santiago. In the aftermath of the September 11 Attacks, Timothy took advantage of the posttraumatic stress of the Chawosaurian people to motivate them into voting in the 2005 legislative elections, which resulted in the largest Communist Party majority in the Timothian era, Timothy took advantage of this supermajority by allowing Irreligious Supremacists to take over Chawosaurian Boarding Schools and brainwashed them with anti-religious propaganda, escalating anti-religious sentiment in Chawosauria and passed more policies meant to purge religious communities in Chawosauria even broader, but by 2007, Timothy received a backlash for using 9/11 as exploitation to subjugate Chawosaurians for broader political power. This backlash was enforced in the 2007 Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election in the United States, where Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, the great-great-nephew of Timothy Max Roosevelt, won the election by a wipeout victory, and two years later, the Communist Party lost 215 seats to Windsor's social democratic opposition in the 2009 midterm elections. Timothy Max Roosevelt died in office on May 13, 2011, in Lake Seminole while having a diplomatic trip to the newly established Seminole Indiana. Timothy's death caused an escalation of the Chawosaurian Revolution and its Revolution-era wars, while at the same time, bolstered the Communist Party into winning obliviously winning the 2015 elections, crushed the Social Democratic opposition, and retained the monarchy.

Today his legacy still leaves a footprint on Chawosauria, with the Chawo-Roosevelt family, his Monarchy System and the Christian Scare, but losing the Imperial Chawallian Empire in 2015 and his son never comes to power in 2011. Timothy Max Roosevelt was the great-great uncle of Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII.

Timothy's mental illness matches the similarities of Roman Emperors, Nero, Caligula, Tiberius, Commodus, and Justin II, and English monarchs, Henry VI, and George III, Swedish monarchs, Eric XIV, and other world leaders such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and others. In Timothy's personal and family life, he was neglective but controlling of his family, strongly condemned his daughter Tammany's marriage with Nicholas Mickey Welchman in 1969.

Timothy Max Roosevelt's legacy has been a controversial debate. Supporters of Timothy Max Roosevelt argue that he liberated Chawosauria from colonialism, Christianity, and corporatocracy, and that hadn't been for Roosevelt, labor unions wouldn't be strong, workers' rights wouldn't be strong, and secularism wouldn't be strong. Opponents against Timothy Max Roosevelt argue that Timothy was a massive human rights violator, criminalized Christianity and other religions to create an atheist state, dragging Chawosauria into the hells of communism, totalitarianism, and backslided Chawosauria's democracy, thus continuing Santiago era oppression against democracy.

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Idealistic Creation and Etymology Edit

Garrett Bailey Edit

Garrett Bailey is the creator of all of Chawosauria Wikia, the story of Chawosauria, editor of images and more, he was also the creator of each character and added people from history to this wikia to compare his characters, Garrett's story is on going timing story, which end when ever Garrett writes it.

He wrote the story of Timothy Max Roosevelt to tell the continuing story of Chawosauria, but the story describes Timothy as a horror, Garrett added Gothic and horrible topics, it even included Discrimination, Garrett's reasoning for this horrible Gothic story, to continue the story of Chawosauria in order to influence people from making mistakes that will be punished by nature.

Garrett Bailey's founding of Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt was thought of by Garrett Bailey since 2011, but he thought of the word "Timothy", only because he liked the name, which was inspired from a Nickelodeon Character, "Timmy Turner" from the Fairly odd-parents, and his older cousin dated the woman named "Tammy" and got the word Max because Garrett heard the word Max multiple times, and Garrett's aunt had a cat named Max, when Garrett's aunt passed away in 2011 when Garrett was 12, Max the cat, was somehow killed. And Garrett got the word "Roosevelt" mainly from U.S. president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and FDR had exterminated millions of Japanese Americans only because of the Japanese Invasion on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Garrett got Timothy from Timmy Turner, who was a Nickelodeon character who is described from all of the Fairly odd-parents episodes as an ungrateful and careless boy who often abuses and screw up with his wishes for disadvantages for his own desires, Max, from max the cat who was killed for some reason, and Roosevelt, because FDR arrested millions of Japanese Americans because America was at war against Japan in World War 2.

Timothy, Max, Roosevelt, these three words has each meanings, Timothy: careless, abusive use for oneself's own advantage for his own desire, Max: killed, murdered, Roosevelt: extermination, war, discrimination. Garrett came from Native American descend, and his elementary school had a Native American Mascot, and his home county from Georgia is named after a Native American Tribe. Garrett added Hitleristic, Stalinistic topics because he enjoyed World History, used World History to continue the story of Chawosauria, the main story of Chawosauria came from Timothy Max Roosevelt. Garrett reads over the history of Native American Struggle under the 19th century and 20th century United States, and uses the entire history of the 20th century United States to explain fictionally how did Timothy got his whole personality.

National Legacy in Chawosauria Edit

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Timothy Max Roosevelt (January 1, 1910-May 13, 2011), is a fictional character who had played a very important role in Chawosauria, the Dictator and Conqueror of the Chawosaurian World, the Monarch who had ruled from 1976 to 2011, the President who ruled from 1941 to 2011, the Prime Minister who had ruled from 1940-2011.

Timothy Max Roosevelt is the most celebrated figure in Chawosaurian History, his Monarchism, which lasted from 36 years, his Presidency, lasted for 70 Years, his Primership, lasted for 71 years, his whole Dictatorship, which lasted for 71 Years, has transformed Chawosauria from a regular Liberal Progressive World, into a different branch of Politics, like Abraham Lincoln, Timothy would always be the great emancipator, the man who freed the Chawosaurian People from European Assimilation and Christianization, thereby placing justice and defense as one of those goals Chawosauria will always be determined to.

And to almost to all Chawosaurians, he's the leader who protected and defended Chawosauria from European Westernization. But to all Chawosaurians, particularly those Chawosaurians in the Western Hemisphere, Timothy is all the Chawosaurians think Chawosauria should be, and so consequently, they became so more infatuated with him so greatly and powerfully.

Timothy is a heroic figure to all Chawosaurians, to so many of them, he was a great populist, the man who gave them hope, and the belief that Chawosauria will always survive in victory.

In his early life, Timothy was born into a European Assimilated Predominate Native American Family, who was born into extreme poverty, suffered from Racial Discrimination in the United States, in anywhere from the Oregon Frontier who has lived in an old log cabin who has rose from poverty to enter into Politics to become apart of the Johnathan Montgomery Administrative System to become a member of the Chawosaurian Government, living out the Dream of Equal Opportunity in Chawosauria, his politics inspired many Chawosaurians, becomes the Monarch of Chawosauria in 1976 due to a victory he claimed in the Second Brutal War, he died in the moment of his triumph, on the spring of 2011 and marked the beginning of a surviving Administrative Monarch System which he created, many people would be like "God uh what, who wrote that scrip?".

But in Chawosaurian Society and Culture, there were plays, movies, shows, signs, billboards and commercials and campaign ads of Timothy Max Roosevelt, many Chawosaurians dress up as Timothy Max Roosevelt and pretend tobe him in films, they made toys, cloths, items of Timothy Max Roosevelt, there were many locations and historical sites and other things named after him, and are 26 Million Statues of Timothy, standing across Chawosauria (Chawosauria-Wide), standing on memorials, government buildings and other locations.

Timothy is the left, center and right symbol of Chawosaurian Patriotism, he was mentioned so many times in speeches at campaigns, graduations, parades and other events, they made movies and shows about Timothy, his image is everywhere in Chawosauria, it's on the money, it's on school walls, and in every Chawosaurian Schools, each classroom in all grades, K-12, has a picture of Timothy in the middle top of the boards, the purpose is Pledge of Allegiance, Pledge of Allegiance to the Picture of Timothy on the middle top location of the board.

But to Christians, Liberals and Conservatives and other minorities of Chawosauria, there is another Timothy, all of the facts you just saw from above is just Complete Hero Worship, the man who was a villain rather than hero, an Antagonist rather than Protagonist, and a War Criminal rather than a War Hero, and a Dictator rather than Monarch, and a Fascist rather than a Populist, and the Murderer of his People rather than the Protector of his own People, and a Far-Right Politician rather than a Far-Left Politician, and a Adolf Hitler rather than a George Washington, and a sinner rather than a saint.

The demonic deeds of Timothy has been very haunting to the Ghosts of Liberal Chawosauria, the Ghosts of the legacy of Timothy Max Roosevelt can and would haunt Chawosaurian Patriotism. Critics in Chawosauria show that Timothy's best known crime as a Monarch was that he persecuted more than 1 trillion Christians in all Seven Decades until his death, and he executed them all, not a Civil Rights person, a Racist rather than a Opportunist, and an Anti-Immigrant person rather than a man who accepts, and a Jingoistic rather than a Patriot, and today, the Chawosaurian World is now a Jingoistic and Prejudice nation of ignorance, and to the Chawosaurian Revolution, which started Chawosauria-Wide after Timothy's death.

Childhood (1910-1917) Edit


American Indian Boarding School Students, they are of Native American Ethnicity

Timothy Max Roosevelt was born around August or October 1909 to March 1910, in Portland, Oregon, Timothy's real name was an American Indian Name, Sikyahonaw D. Beshiltheeni which happens tobe a tribal of Hopi & Navajo Indian, but he was also Algonquian and of Mimaq Indian as of one of the Algonquian Peoples, Timothy had Green Eyes because his paternal Grandmother was of Native American and Nordic European, Timothy was formerly of the Lutheran Faith and his mother was a deeply religious woman and his family were all deeply religious and were one of those Native Americans who were Christianized, Timothy attended to an American Indian Boarding School which forces all Native American Children tobe of European Cultures including Religion.

American Indian Boarding School Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt was forced tobe a student at an American Indian Boarding School and Timothy hated the schools, Timothy saw beatings and heard children being raped, Timothy saw nightmares of the school and knew that they were still wars going on with the American Indians and the Americans.

Timothy saw the offense of Christianity as he saw the teachers beat the students with brutal force, Timothy was horrified and had nightmares all everynight and everyday he naps, Timothy was diagnosed with PTSD which is a disorder that a person has nightmares of his or her horrific past and never goes away, Timothy was the victim.

Diagnoses of Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy was diagnosed with PTSD, Paranoid Personality Disorder and also Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Timothy had extreme anger against his Christian Priests and Elders because of these beatings and brutalization on others, Timothy was beaten for his anger and Timothy sometimes beat the priests, he would also murder the priests without the church knowing it.

Timothy Max Roosevelt in World War 1 Edit

World War 1

A Collage of images of World War 1

Timothy was seven years old when the United States entered World War 1 in 1917, Timothy opposed America being in the war and saw President, Woodrow Wilson as corrupt, Timothy saw his first war in World War 1 and the war was far brutal, he had nightmares of Soldiers being murdered and killed in the war and Timothy saw films of World War 1 and they all horrified Timothy by seeing soldiers falling on the ground, Battleships being destroyed, hearing or reading the stories of the Great War, Timothy was extremely horrified and when he saw the news that Russia is exiting the war, Timothy was grateful.

President, Woodrow Wilson Edit

Timothy hated Woodrow Wilson because he asked the U.S. Government for a declaration of war against Germany, Timothy viewed Wilson as Jewish and saw Jewish People as supportive to the war when it comes to Zionism and Timothy opposed Zionism.

Interest in Politics and Rejection from Religion (1917-1924) Edit

Russian Revolution of 1917 Edit

Russian Revolution

Soldiers marching at the Red Square

Timothy loved the Communists of Russia because it drove Russia out of World War 1, Timothy saw Communism as, great and needful for society. After Lenin came back to Russia from Switzerland, Lenin greeted his friend and supporter, Joseph Stalin and they both together overtook Russia with weapons that were supplied by Germany to get Russia out of World War 1 in order to win the war.

Attraction to Communism Edit

What Is Communism?

What Is Communism?

One of Daily Seeker's Videos "What is Communism", posted on Youtube by "Now This" meant to explain the entire ideology of "Communism" a political philosophy theorized by Karl Marx in the late 19th Century and was put into action by Vladimir Lenin in Russia in the late 1910s to early 1920s completely and other nations by the end of World War 2, but slightly collapsed in the late 1980s to early 1990s.

Sikyahonaw became attracted to Communism in a very early age, Sikyahonaw saw influenced into Left Wing Ideas, like Socialism, to get rid of Capitalism and enjoyed the idea of Anti-Imperialism, No Classism, and everybody required to work.

Sikyahonaw became interested in Lenin's teachings, and also, became interested in the Marxist teachings, in 1921, Sikyahonaw was purchasing books from the library for Boarding School, Sikyahonaw was with his new baby sister, Samantha Amanda Montgomery, and his mother, Sikyahonaw was in the Philosophy section of the library, he saw a book in the shelf, called the "Communist Manifesto", which caught Sikyahonaw's eye and interested him, he got the book, and bought it on June 12, 1921, Sikyahonaw red the book.

Rising Interest in Politics Edit

Revolutions of 1917 to 1923

Poster of the Revolutions of 1917 to 1923.

Sikyahonaw became interested in American Politics in 1921, at a very young age, he currently loved education and wanted tobe educated more, he rented books from the library on politics, red about Liberalism, Conservatism, and Socialism, got books on John Locke, and George Washington and Alexander Hamilton.

He enjoyed World History, red about the history of the United States, the American Civil War and more, but his most interest was Communism, and became on the Left Wing side of the spectrum, Sikyahonaw had been tired of getting his name mistaken, so in 1922, he changed his name to "Timothy", and due to Timothy's love for Progressivism, he changed his surname from "Beshiltheeni" to "Roosevelt", and due to the loss of his first stepfather, he changed his name to "Maxwell", shorten to "Max".

Joining the Communist Party USA Edit

Communist Party USA

Communist Party USA logo

Timothy joined a new political party from the Republicans on which he was a Progressive from 1919 to 1924. And from 1924 to 1925, he was very active in joining the Red Scare veterans, and he enjoyed their politics.

Timothy has gone from Left Wing to Far Left, and he committed Left Wing Terrorism, Timothy became less interested in Civil Rights for African Americans and women. Timothy (because of Stalin), became more interested in Terrorism and Communism while Lenin preferred formerly Social Democracy.

Social Democracy and Socialism was something Timothy rejected, and Timothy in 1924 became more interested in Civil Rights for African Americans, he accepted Christians and he accepted Equal Rights and Opportunity, and more favored Social Democracy and was more like a Bernie Sanders like a person. In the Student Council debates, he campaigned to end Racial Segregation and women's rights which he changed his views on.

First Red Scare Edit

The First Red Scare began in 1917, probably due to the Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War. Timothy was apart of the Communist Party since 1919, his views on race due to the Race Riots during the Red Scare, a notable candidate from the Socialist Party USA, Eugene V. Debs, was accused of being a Communist. The Red Scare was a social panic and fear of the expansion of Communism, Anarchism, and other radical left wing ideologies. In response to these such, persecutions, trials, and even executions were practiced on the accused, especially on those accused who were falsely accused because of their politically standard left wing politics. Timothy, between 1918 to 1921, has faced allegations of being a Communist, which were true, with those, Timothy's politics were threatened.

Converting to Atheism Edit

Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever?

Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever?

A Daily Seeker video explaining the idea of "Atheism".

Timothy became Atheism because he no longer agreeing with 1920s Christian teachings on Women, which opposed women's rights, like believed that women were given by god to take care of homes and children and cannot be treated equally as men, he wanted social justice, the enjoyed the teachings of Darwinism, and due to Left Wing Terrorism, he killed his family except his uncle.

Lincoln Curse Edit

Timothy (Sikyahonaw) began to start his murdering skills by killing his family members who don't treat him fairely, Timothy murdered his Aunt, Sharron Lincoln, and her five children, but spared Christian Lincoln, his uncle, his mother's half brother, Timothy also killed his maternal grandparents. Sparing his stepfather's parents, who didn't like Timothy anyway because of Connections to Communism.

Reaction to the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 Edit

Timothy rejected Citizenship that was offered by the U.S. Federal Government to Native Americans in 1924, and Timothy eventhough he was Native American, he rejected Citizenship because he wanted Citizenship to the Soviet Union. The United States passed the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, signed into law by President, Calvin Coolidge, Timothy was excited tobe transferred to the Soviet Union, before the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 was signed into law, Timothy heard the news that Vladimir Lenin died on the winter of January 21, 1924, Joseph Stalin takes power and becomes the head to head leader of the USSR.

The End of the war Edit

After World War 1 came to an end, Timothy saw some of his relatives back from the war, Timothy saw his relatives as traitors to American Isolationism and Timothy was hurt by the Wilson Administration.

Living in the Soviet Union (1924-1929) Edit

Immigration to the Soviet Union Edit

Stalin and the world

Poster of Joseph Stalin.

On June 26, 1924, Timothy moved to the Soviet Union in 1924, arrived in Moscow, and gained a position of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1924, converting from his old Progressive viewpoints of the Republican Party of the United States and Timothy became very associated with the Soviet Union and the law of the USSR.

Timothy showed no interest in the Soviet Union Farming system, but was interested in joining the Red Army, by serving in the Red Army, and became very acceptable eventhough he was American, Timothy had been a tough guy and was very aggressive with fighting.

Exchange to the Soviet Union Edit

Soviet Flag

Flag of the Soviet Union

Timothy had the opportunity to go to the Soviet Union, as he got there, he saw paradise on the Russian City of Vladivostok, Timothy was educated in the USSR's best and ever education system, Timothy was successful he attended to Moscow State University, Timothy joined the red army and then also fought in the Sino-Soviet Conflict of 1929.

Moscow State University Edit

Timothy won a scholarship to the Moscow State University in 1926 in a very young age and won the diploma to enter the red army.

Red Army Edit

Timothy served in the red army and also Timothy fought in the Sino-Soviet Conflict of 1929 and survived, Timothy was horrified in the war, Timothy was not afraid to fight the Sinos.

Armed Forces of the Soviet Union Edit

USSR Emblem

Federal Emblem of the Soviet Union

Timothy came to the Soviet Union along with a position, to serve in the Red Army, but preferred no money, Timothy preferred tobe a peasant rather than a billionaire, Timothy's ability to fight was very popular and he had been asked to fight in the August Uprising, Timothy came back into the Soviet Union, a war hero, Stalin awarded Timothy with the Soviet Medal, he also fought in the Tatarbunary Uprising, he came back as a war hero but with an injured eye, but Timothy was an outstanding fighter, killing more than 20,000 Georgians and Romanians, he had been the greatest candidate to other wars, eventhough the Soviet Union failed to defeat the Kingdom of Romania in the Tatarbunary Uprising, Timothy was still a war hero.

Living in the United States (1930-1939) Edit

Returning to America and Great Depression Effects Edit

Great Depression

Homeless and Jobless Americans, lining up for free food

"Who's stupid enough to believe that Capitalism booms the economy, the Stock Market just crashed, all because of Laissez-faire Capitalism is a disaster, all of Capitalism is a disaster No wonder America fought World War 1" -Timothy (1930)
Timothy saw America as a poor country, Timothy was suffering the depression, the Stock Market crashed in October 1929, leading to the Depression, Timothy attempted to overtake America until his failure, but Timothy served his imprisonment in Alcatraz until 1932, he was free, he got married and moved to Australia in the Chawallian Entrance for Political Power.

Rise of Nazi Germany Edit

Timothy viewed Hitler's views on Jewish People was the same as Timothy's and Timothy was influenced by Adolf Hitler and when Timothy wanted to create the same empire as Hitler and Stalin, Timothy was wanting to use Fascism as a weapon to get rid of Christians.

Views on Hitler Edit

Timothy enjoyed Hitler's Antisemitic Views and opposed to his Aryan Race plans for the world, Timothy condemned Hitler's Aryan Race Plans for the world and embraced his antisemitism.

Immigration to Chawosauria Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt had greater relations with Chawosauria due to being the step-great-grandson of Emperor Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery, who is known for his overthrow in the First Brutal War and the exile of the Montgomery family to Portland, Oregon. Timothy Max Roosevelt immigrated to the Corporate Republic of Australasia, a corporate state in Chawosauria. Moving to Chawosauria in 1937, and was nationalized in 1940.

Rise to Power (1936-1975) Edit

Chawopolis Palace before 1945 Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt formed the Chawallian Communist Party (1936-2018) in 1936, and Timothy also got elected into the Chawopolis Palace in the 1935 legislative elections, and became the leader of the Chawosaurian caucus of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, replacing Jedediah Azariah Danilovich in 1935. In the 1935 Chawosaurian legislative elections, the UK Liberals won the election despite losing 60 seats to the UK Conservatives. Timothy failed to gain seats much like his predecessors before him.

First Term (1936-1939) Edit

"Remember the enemy Timothy, it's these damn Bismorcks who think they're better than anybody else because they're white, Christian, and "pure-blood". "
Selahattin Bedrosian warning Timothy Max Roosevelt about the Bismarck family

Replacing Jedediah Danilovich in 1935, Timothy Max Roosevelt became the leader of the Chawosaurian caucus of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. During the Premiership of Jonathan Davgon Bismarck X, World War II was emerging, especially with the presence of Adolf Hitler. Selahattin Bedrosian warned Timothy Max Roosevelt about the Bismarck family. Painting the family as elitist and manipulative. In New York, Timothy's half-sister, Samantha Montgomery, got elected to the Palace, defeating the incumbent, Walerian I. Boleslaw. In the 1939 elections, Timothy gained 36 seats from South America.

Second Term (1940-1945) Edit

Australasian Revolution Edit

Timothy, with 37 seats, moved to represent the (at-large) Australia district from the House of Commons. Succeeded by Ekaterina Agatha Braginsky. Timothy Max Roosevelt was given a chance to further expand his brand by starting a revolution against the corporate government.

Leader of the Palace (1946-1975) Edit


Revolutionary Electoral and Conquest Victory of 1975 Edit

Chawosaurian Federal Election of 1975 Edit


Timothy Max Roosevelt has defeated Victoria Belinsky in a Landslide Victory.

see: Chawosaurian Federal Election, 1975

Timothy becomes a big powerful force for the Chawosaurian People, the Chawosaurian People began to roar for Timothy, 1975 was a big year for Timothy, Timothy was welcomed into the Candidacy for the Monarchy, Timothy faces an opponent who would be an important force for Chawosaurian Christianity, Victoria Belinsky, a Chawosaurian Politician from Great Britain.

Timothy and Victoria were bitter enemies because of Religion, Timothy wanted to persecute all religions including Christianity, Victoria condemns that idea and wanted to protect religious freedom while enforcing the Christianization of Chawosauria. Timothy and Victoria campaigned everywhere to undecided voters, but the majority of Chawosaurians were already voting for Timothy. Chawosauria was problematic divided over Religion, with Timothy wanted to perform Religious Persecution and Victoria wanted to perform Religious Traditionalization. The Result is a Landslide Victory for Timothy Max Roosevelt and the rise of State Atheism Nationwide in Chawosauria along with the criminalization of Christianization.

Chawosaurian Surrender and Annexation Edit

Timothy gained a huge historic victory in 1975, the greatest year ever for Timothy

Chawosaurian Monarchy (1976-2011) Edit

The Timothy Monarchy is the most Effective and Most Remembered of All Monarchies. The Most Ambitious and the Most Known for their Human Rights Violations. Timothy was a Communist. Also a Chawisaurianist.

Statute of Pyongyang Act of 1976 Edit

After winning the monarchy in 1975, lame duck emperor, Santago, conceded to congratulate Timothy, and offered a smooth transition of power, and as part of the transition process, Santiago's administators have resigned, except Nicholas Mondale, the Prime Minister of Chawosauria.

As Timothy was now prepared to take power, former Emperor Santiago, and new Emperor Timothy, signed the met in Pyongyang, North Korea, and signed the historic Statute of Pyongyang Act of 1976, giving power away to Timothy Max Rooseve,lt, while the Communists have been in power in 1946.

Stockholm Agreement Edit

On February 1, 1976, Timothy was confronted by the House of Dynasties still being reigned by Christian Elites, and once Timothy had already implemented Section 126, the House of Dynasties refused to enforce it, and refused to enforce his new Communist policies, Timothy, won't stand by it, Timothy began to plan with his administrators to have a corrupt bargain with the Christian Elites.

On February 14, 1976, Timothy, the Communist Party, and the Christian Elites have finally met in the Hotel room in Stockholm, Sweden, and Timothy offered Child sex slaves and prostitutes for the Christian elites if the elites give up political power and allow the Communist Party independent rule to persecute and eliminate the Christian and Jewish population of Chawosauria.

To the surprise and shock of Christians and Jews, the Christian elites (who turned out to be pedophiles) agreed to allow the Communist Party to take away the rights of Christians and Jews and voluntarily stepped down from the House of Dynasties to open the door for a Communist House of Dynasties, and Timothy and his Communist Party would now freely persecute the Christians and the Jews as a result of the pedophilia of the pro-Israel Christian elites who were supposed to be the "protectors" of the rights of Christian and Jewish Chawosaurians endangered by a Communist Dictator.

The former Christian elites never got the Child prostitutes and they were unexpectedly executed by Timothy's Communist Secret Police in 1977.

Purges Edit

Religious Persecution Edit

Timothy's Communist Party passed Section 126, a law that transformed Chawosauria into an Atheist Government and State. Timothy persecuted a large number of people who are not Irreligious, and he promoted Religious Discrimination and Segregation.

Racial Purges Edit

Timothy persecuted people who are not of Chawosaurian Blood, Chawosaurians are practically Indigenous from Arctica, Scandinavia, and Siberia.

Execution of Political Enemies Edit

Timothy massively executed Conservatives, Liberals, Progressives, Libertarians, Anarchists and anyone who does not agree with Timothy. Timothy also executed those Socialists who disagreed with him, Social Democrats, Anarcho-Communists, and Libertarian Socialists and others.

Poverty Edit

Youth and low-income neighborhoods Edit

Because of Christianization, Youth Poverty was widespread, Timothy began to pass left-wing economic policies to provide for the youth. Timothy established free college subsidized by the government, and defunded the military that was overfunded by the previous Emperor. Under Timothy's government, the youth neighborhoods began to see an economic development, new living wage paying jobs were brought to the gang-dominant neighborhoods, and Timothy delivered more campaign promises he promised to the youth vote in 1975, and were the similar promises that George Windsor promised as a Social Democrat.

Timothy established anti-poverty programs for young Chawosaurians, and 3,531,679,565 young babyboomer Chawosaurians were liberated out of poverty, and Timothy used government dominance to modernize neighborhoods from war-zone like nieghborhoods, to 21st century style neighborhoods with over $35 per hour living wage jobs, and low taxes only for middle class and poor workers. Timothy knew that eliminating economic classes of rich, middle class, and poor is not really realistic as the Communist Manifesto promised, but Timothy did required the wealthy to pay a higher tax with a death penalty for tax avoidance and tax evasion for Multi-Billionaire corporations. Timothy was nice enough to keep taxes for small businesses low.

End of Corporate and Institutional Abuse Edit

Timothy began to penalize corporations for their abuse and greed for power and wealth, Timothy raised taxes on corporations and big banks and added death penalties for tax avoidance and evasion. On environmental isues, Timothy maintained the fossil fuels, but heavily regulated them the similar way how the United States regulated the fossil fuel corporations in the 1960s and 1970s, unlike the kind of environmentalist regulations left-wingers in the 21st century, are fighting for. Timothy's economic development drastically improved Chawosauria's economy between 1977, to 1983. Since 1985, the economy was in better off shape until 2011 when he died.

Landslide Victory in the 1979 midterm elections Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt's Communist Party had a good midterm election, gaining 81 seats, regaining a supermajority, and for the first time in Chawosaurian History, a Communist as Prime Minister. Timothy appointed Leonid Ivan Bzovsky to replace Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, and now, with a Communist Palace, Monarchy, and now, the Premiership, Timothy was given absolute power.

Leonid Ivan Bzovsky and the Chawopolis Palace Edit

Leonid Ivan Bzovsky

Leonid Ivan Bzovsky was Prime Minister from 1980 to 1989.

Leonid Ivan Bzovsky was very affective in giving Timothy Max Roosevelt absolute power by 1981, Bzovsky enforced Section 126, he limited women's rights, and purged Christians, and helped Timothy enact Soviet policies and implement Stalinism. Bzovsky attempted to infringe women's voting rights, but was filibustered by resistance by Samantha A. Montgomery, and Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy.

Agriculture and Collectivization Edit

Bzovsky, approved by Timothy, enacted collectivization policies meant to provide Chawosauria with foods. In which, one prominent resistance was from one farmer, Sequoyah Atagulkalu, the father of the future emperor Degotoga K. Atagulkalu.

Economic policies Edit

Progressive taxes installed by the progressive Prime Ministers, Garfield Lucas Webster, Theodore McClellan, and Jonathan Davgon Bismarck X were in place and retained. Bzovsky used the money to construct government projects of infrastructure, hydroelectricity, and fossil fuels, although Timothy Max Roosevelt promised to distance himself from the fossil fuel industry during the 1975 elections, and Timothy warned against whistleblowing against him by blackmailing them with death.

Cold War Policy Edit

The Cold War- Every Month

The Cold War- Every Month

The Cold War

Timothy Max Roosevelt did have a role in the Cold War, when the United States invaded Korea, he stated as the concernful and condemnable, but when Timothy saw the news as the United States invaded Vietnam, Timothy was angered and invaded the United States Army stationed in Vietnam, Timothy quoted the Vietnam War as "Horror Guilt as the Americans are, threatening Cuba, attacking Vietnam" Timothy saw action with his daughter, Jennifer Roosevelt and saw action with his son.

Support for the Soviet-Afghan War Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt strongly supported the idea of a Communist Afghanistan, and Timothy strongly praised the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan in a new year session of the Palace on January 1, 1979, which made the Prime Minister at the time, Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, sit in his seat smirking his lips, shaking his head "no" and behind the scenes, accused Timothy of imperialism.

Opposition to Ronald Reagan Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt despised Ronald Reagan, hated his election in 1980, and was concerned of his policy toward the Soviet Union. Reagan did a "star wars" nuclear war plan against the USSR, but that was turned down. As Reagan implemented his Trickle-Down Plan, the economy sored and public resentment against Reagan grew and it manipulated the results of the 1982 U.S. misterm elections. Timothy was pleased with the results of the 1982 elections in the United States, commenting "at least the Americans have finally came to their senses".

Cold War Setbacks Edit

By 1985, Timothy Max Roosevelt started to suffer of setbacks in the late 1980s. In the United States, President Ronald Reagan was re-elected President of the United States in the largest landslide margin of any winning candidate in American History, winning 525 electoral votes from 49 states to his challenger's 13 electoral votes from 1 state (Minnesota) + Washington DC, and a very wide popular vote margin that favored Reagan as well. The 1984 election in America was considered to be the beginning of Timothy's personal hell of setbacks of losing Communist state after Communist state, and his party's modest performance in the 1985 midterm elections singled a bad era in the later 1980s for Timothy.

Loss of the Eastern Bloc Edit

Fall of the Berlin Wall Edit
"Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!"
—President Ronald Reagan
The Berlin Wall Explained (Ft

The Berlin Wall Explained (Ft. David Hasselhoff, David Bowie & Bruce Springsteen)

HipHughes History - The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961, and for over 20-years, it kept the city of Berlin split. As Communism began to crumble, the wall began to fall as well. President Ronald Reagan visited Berlin to speak to the Berliners, with the end of speech, said famously "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!", and received a standing ovation from the Berliners. East Berliners began to share a desire to move into West Berlin because of how much opportunities were offered there, but trying to cross over the wall was difficult. Celebrities including Bruce Springsteen performed in concerts taking place in East Berlin, making East Berliners more wanting to live the West Berliner life.

President Ronald Reagan "Tear Down This Wall" Speech at Berlin Wall

President Ronald Reagan "Tear Down This Wall" Speech at Berlin Wall

President Reagan giving a famous speech at the Berlin Wall in 1987.

The most decisive cause of the fall of the Berlin Wall would be the permanent collapse of Czechoslovakia and the fall of Hungary's Communist government, giving East Berliners more access to West Berlin. In a press conference with East German politicians, one politician accidentally admitted that there will be no more checks on the Berlin border. It is unknown rather the motion passed. The Berlin border portal started allowing border crossing with any cross points among the Berliners. In 1990, the two Gemanies emerged to one Germany again for the first time since World War II, and the Berlin Wall would take two years for the wall itself from 1989 to 1991 for the wall to fall.

The fall of the Berlin Wall would be the one that would hurt Timothy's Communist Party in the 1989 midterm elections.

Dissolution of the Soviet Union Edit
The Fall Of The Soviet Union

The Fall Of The Soviet Union

Fall of the USSR

On December 25, 1991, the Soviet Union was wiped off the map forever after six years of political instability and economic ruin during the Cold War. Gorbachev attempted to rollback the USSR's authoritarian policies with liberal reforms such as freedom of speech, some free markets, and democratic institutions, but this wasn't enough to hold the union together.

The lowering of the soviet union flag for the last time

The lowering of the soviet union flag for the last time

The last Soviet flag lowered

After Timothy heard the news that the USSR had just crumbled, Timothy was furious and he threw his desk to the window, Timothy was pretty strong for an 81-year-old dictator. In the aftermath of the demise of the Soviet Union, Timothy suffered from more losses of more Communist countries, Yugoslavia demised in 1992, and at the same year, Communist Mongolia crumbled while Mongolia as a country survived.

Timothy's popularity took a huge hit as a result of the 1989 revolutions.

Setback in the 1989 legislative elections Edit

Because of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Communist Party lost 47 seats to George Windsor. This was considered a big setback for Timothy until the 2009 midterm elections. The popular vote was close, 50% to 50% for both the Communists and the Social Democrats. Leonid Ivan Bzovsky departed from power after being replaced by Shang J. Parker because of Bzovsky's inbred background. In the 1992 general elections, the worst setback was that the Chamber of Deputies flipped entirely to Social Democratic control.

Post-Cold War Comebacks Edit

Shang J. Parker

Shang J. Parker was Prime Minister from 1990 to 1999.

Timothy began to reign Chawosauria focusing on domestic issues, as well as economic issues, Timothy continued to pass policies pushed by his left-wing government, this resulted in Timothy's big win in the 1995 legislative elections, Timothy continued to purge his critics and purged Christians and Jews. In 1989, Timothy nominated Shang J. Parker as Prime Minister, one of the reasons why Timothy won huge in the 1995 elections.

Shang J. Parker's rising popularity Edit

Shang J. Parker's popularity began to serge because of his populist message against Capitalism. Parker began governing in favor of Timothy and Timothy's popularity improved as well. Christianity's population in the mid 1990s began to shrink, and the economy was in such good shape.

Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1995 Edit

In the midterm elections of 1995, Timothy Max Roosevelt's Communist Party regained the same 47 seats the party lost because of the 1989 revolutions in Europe and Asia, restoring a 418-182 majority advantage for the Communist Party. The Communists carrying 62% of the popular vote to the Social Democrats' 37% of the vote. The Communists won 69% of the Palace, to the Social Democrats' 30% of the Palace.

Rising Popularity of 1996 to 1998 Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt and his Communist Party began to ride on a popularity wave that helped them in 1995 and will help them again in 1999.

1999 victory and more power Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt's Communist Party began to increase their power to a new high In the 1999 midterm elections by gaining 47 more seats. Winning 83% of the popular vote and a wide supermajority. Timothy Max Roosevelt began to abuse his power by purging political enemies and the media, and promoting propaganda, as well as military parades.

September 11 Attacks and Anti-Religious Crusade Edit

September 11 Attacks Edit

Sept 11 Attacks

Twin Towers under attacked

Chawosauria was also a witness to the September 11 Attacks that struck the United States to the point that America's era of peace was interrupted and having to begin drafts to the War on Terror.

This tragic event enabled Irreligious Supremacy to grip Chawosaurian society in its grasp. Chawosaurian Boarding Schools have indoctrinated Chawosaurian children, teens, and young adults to believe religion causes nothing but war rather than peace, and the September 11 Attacks was a perfect example and is why Chawosauria must remain an Irreligious, non-god centered society, to keep the peace they already have. The September 11 Attacks emboldened Irreligious Supremacists to come to power in the 2005 legislative elections, and the Chawopolis Palace completely fell under Irreligious Supremacist control from moderate and centrist politicians who governed centrically when they address religion in society.

September 11 Attacks

Twin Tower being attscked

Chawosauria, an Atheist State that permits Religious Persecution, was given a green light to have a "reason" of why Chawosauria would be an Atheist State, both politically and demographically, making Chawosaurians believe and or swear that they would not convert to a specific religion and will remain Atheists, crippling the Christian Crusaders' plans and mission to Christianize Chawosauria.

This tragic event benefited and justified Chawosauria's hatred of religion. Timothy Max Roosevelt, then ruler of Chawosauria, conducted series of education to Chawosauria's children that Atheism is the way to avoid Militant Religious Conflict by using 9/11 as a benefit.

Timothy Max Roosevelt's 9/11 Exploitation Edit

he September 11 Attacks has benefited Timothy's hatred of religion, giving Chawosauria a green light against critics that Chawosauria must remain an Atheist State to avoid any of these events that happened in the United States from taking place in Chawosauria. The September 11 Attacks gave the Chawosaurians a green light to play "gotcha" against those nations who criticized Chawosauria's systemic persecution and discrimination of non-Irreligious Chawosaurians. Many nations believed Chawosauria was right about religion all this time.

Timothy Max Roosevelt ordered the adding of the September 11 Attacks in Anti-Religious Textbooks for children to promote discrimination against Non-Irreligious Chawosaurians. As the 9/11 attacks were being added to State-run propaganda to promote Anti-Religious Sentiment, the propaganda was successful and Atheism overgrew in a significant size.

Anti-Religious Crusade and Propaganda in Boarding Schools Edit

The leadership of the Chawosaurian Education System was replaced by Irreligious Supremacists, Chawosaurians who believe that being non-religious is "superior thinking" that it makes them "superior" to those who are religious.

These supremacists were given the power and the ability to forge Irreligious propaganda on Chawosaurian children when boarding schools before 9/11 have not talked about religion, nor were they allowed to. Timothy Max Roosevelt allowed the Irreligious supremacists to indoctrinate Chawosaurian children to believe that being religious leads to violence and war and being Irreligious leads to peace and less conflict.

Appealing to Chawosaurians' 9/11 trauma and Red Wave in the 2005 midterm elections Edit

The Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 2005 was a midterm election held on December 31, 2005, in the middle of Timothy Max Roosevelt's 29th year of being Supreme Leader of the Empire of Chawosauria. The Communist Coalition led by the Chawallian Communist Party expanded their supermajority by 67 seats gained from the Democratic Socialist Coalition led by George Windsor.

The Chawosaurians' state of shock caused by the September 11 Attacks was a tributing factor for the Communist Party's 67 seat expansion of their supermajority because the difference between Communists and Social Democrats were their views on religious tolerance, Communists supported an oppressive Atheistic government and opposed religious tolerance, while Social Democrats support a religious-neutral secular government that supports religious tolerance.

Timothy's Communist Party won a clear landslide. This election was a massive victory for Timothy Max Roosevelt in the history of his monarchy. This massive Communist landslide was so massive, it is 86% (went on to 90% after election night) of the popular vote, and 88% of seats in the Chawopolis Palace earned by the Communist Coalition.

This is the strongest Communist Party performance since 1969 36 years ago at that time. This election saw the Communist Party gaining 67 seats, the largest gain of seats since 1979, but modest than 1979, the Communists gained 81 seats in '79. The Communist Party won the popular vote, with 1.3 Billion votes, probably the size of China's population.

Absolute Power Edit

Timothy's exploitation of Chawosaurians' post-9/11 fears paid off, Timothy's power is now absolute thanks to a 532-68 supermajority. Timothy used that power to expand his incarcerations of religious minorities and successfully purged religious neighborhoods by establishing government surveillance, and he passed any law he wanted.

Backlash against Timothy Max Roosevelt's 9/11 Exploitation Edit

As Chawosaurians started to recover from their 9/11 trauma in 2007, they started to get bothered by Timothy Max Roosevelt's attempt to exploit that trauma to give Timothy more power in the Palace. In the Chawopolis Palace, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII started to run a campaign against Timothy Max Roosevelt for his exploitation of Chawosaurians' fears of religion to achieve more power. Timothy's Prime Minister at the time, Jonathan Lachlan MacAlasdair VIII, turned on him and exposed the corruption.

Prelude of the Chawosaurian Revolution Edit

Battle of the Chawosaurian Department of Propaganda Edit

In 2008, with MacAlasdair's support, Johnathan Montgomery, Jacob Webster, and their supporters engaged in a raid in the Department of Propaganda to expose the corruption of Chawosauria's 9/11 exploitation. The Revolutionaries won the battle and files were exposed.

Independence of Seminole Indiana Edit

Seminole Indiana

Seminole Indiana in 2014

Seminole Indiana declared independence from Chawallianity as an independent Chawosaurian Denomination and Country, Timothy recognized the independence and Timothy moved to Seminole Indiana to support Seminole Indiana on how to enforce their administrations and issues and laws. Timothy settled in Lake Seminole in October 2009 and he died in the spring of 2011 in the United States.

Seminole Indiana today is a nation that is falling under the Chawosaurians and would not survive to Chawosaurian Imperialism.

Timothy helped Seminole Indiana, but after he died in 2011, Seminole Indiana grew stronger from 2013 to 2015, the nation grew weaker and weaker by 2016.

Electoral Defeat in the 2009 Legislative Elections Edit

2009 Elections

Electoral Map of the 2009 legislative elections.

On December 31, 2009, on election day, Timothy's Communist Coalition lost their supermajority but maintained their majority in the Chawopolis Palace, the leader of the opposition, George Windsor, seemingly defeated Timothy, but maintain his power. The Communists won 317 seats, falling from 532.

Falling Health and Death Edit

As Timothy enters his 100s, Timothy had been living an unhealthy lifestyle, constant smoking, drinking, leading to having a condition in his heart, Timothy had been suffering from chest pain, shortening of breath, dizziness, irregular heartbeats, and fainting. During his winters, where Timothy would spend more time in his Winter Compound in Switzerland, Timothy ordered his guards to call a doctor, his doctor diagnosed Timothy with Cardiovascular Disease or Heart Disease. Timothy's cardio health declined even worse in 2004 and 2007. During the 2007 Comrade Elections, Timothy paid less attention to politics and focused on his chest pains. In November, when Timothy's grandson, Cosgrove W. Roosevelt, announced to his father that Johnathan Montgomery won in a landslide, Timothy prepared for Montgomery's inauguration on January 1, 2008. After Montgomery's Comrade Presidency was up and running. But Timothy never attended many of the meetings. Timothy was in bed suffering from cardio pains. In 2009, Timothy and his wife began to travel to Lake Seminole to help organize the establishment of Seminole Indiana, Timothy spent time in Lake Seminole where he stayed at a cabin where he will live between 2009-2011. Timothy stayed in his cabin room most of his days and Timothy wasn't around during the 2009 Legislative Elections. Timothy went back to Canberra to inaugurate the members of the Chawopolis Palace on January 1, 2010, elected or reelected. On March 2010, Timothy returned to Lake Seminole and no longer having to worry about inaugurating politicians until 2016. Throughout the summer of 2010, Timothy was exhausted even more with chest pains getting, even more, worse, Timothy called his daughter, Laverne Roosevelt, into taking care of him for a while. Laverne was deeply concern about her father's health. Cosgrove Roosevelt visited his grandfather, Timothy, from Australia, and saw that his father was not in good shape. Timothy mocked his two family members like he always had in the past, Timothy mocked his grandson, Cosgrove so bad Cosgrove stormed out of the cabin. Timothy mocked his daughter Laverne even worse, as Timothy had done during Laverne's childhood, Timothy bullied her, harrassed her, called her names, and bossed her around for no apparent reason. Laverne, even at 53 years of age, she still could not defend herself from her father's insults because she feared Timothy would beat her again if she had stood up for herself against the man who raised her. When Laverne was 18, she attempted to stand up for herself once against her father's bullying against her, but it only resulted in her father beating her with a hammer right in front of her five year old daughter and two year old son, and Timothy ended up threatening to beat his grandchildren too if they move even a single muscle.

When spring came in 2011, Timothy's health declined so bad his kidneys were hurting, his belly and feet swelled so bad that he lost his ability to walk and stand, forcing him to stay in bed seemingly for the rest of his life, Timothy vomited several times, and had intense diarrhea. Timothy's head hurt extremely bad, and he constantly felt tired. Timothy, still at Lake Seminole, and his wife, constantly traveled around the world, speaking at rallies and more, Timothy developed ulcers on his feet.

At 5:30 AM, May 13th, 2011, Timothy's doctor visited Timothy for him to take his medicine, and left Timothy to have the rest of the night, at 7:30 AM, on the same morning of May 13th, it was realized that Timothy died in his sleep.

Death and State Funeral Edit

On May 13, 2011, Timothy Max Roosevelt had died in Lake Seminole, Georgia and the Chawallians assumed that Timothy was murdered mysteriously by Christians, Timothy's state funeral was served by the people on May 18, 2011 and Timothy was laid to rest in Canberra.

The Chawallians did not trust the Christians that they didn't Assassinated Timothy, A Chawallians assumed that it was Timothy's servant, Santino Deleon that could have murdered Timothy because Santino was with Timothy through the whole trip.

Cause of Death Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt currently died of Cardiovascular Disease with Bladder Cancer from smoking too many tobacco and was rumored that Timothy was tricked by Seminole Indiana to bring him over there in order to get rid of him, Cameron Latimore may planned to create the Chawosaurian Revolution in order to get Timothy out of the picture in order for the Liberation to get much easier.

Funeral and Graveside Edit

Gravesite of Timothy Max Roosevelt

Grave of Timothy Max Roosevelt and Elizabeth Mary Alexandria

Timothy Max Roosevelt's funeral service was held on May 18, 2011, held in Canberra, 1,000 people attended there, even Christian Prisoners and Closeted Christians attended the funeral service even though Timothy hated Christians.

Timothy's family also attended there, family members like Timothy Max Roosevelt ii, Timothy's wife, Elizabeth Mary Alexandria, His Family, Jennifer Roosevelt, Samantha Roosevelt, Shannon Lincoln, Shannon Diana Roosevelt, Jonathan Roosevelt and Stephanie Roosevelt.

Timothy Max Roosevelt's legacy was not published until the beginning of 2014, however, Timothy's legacy as a brutal dictator didn't exist until 2014, for which, his legacy was written three years after his death, when Elizabeth Mary Alexandria, they buried Timothy in Portland, Oregon, and buried Elizabeth with Timothy in 2013 when she died two years after Timothy died, Elizabeth died at the age of 93 of Heart Attack.

Legacy Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt is seen widely as one of Chawosauria's most powerful emperors in Chawosaurian History. Having possessed the most powers compared to his predecessors, and he laid the ground for a dominant Communist Party vs Social Democratic Party system. Timothy is widely seen as a villain to many Christian communities in Chawosauria. Somewhat viewed as a villain to many Jews, and a hero to LGBT Chawosaurians, socialists of any kind, populists, and others. The Cold War Coalition, the Chawosaurian Communist Party, and the monarchy of Shang Jong Parker all serve as continuations of Timothy Max Roosevelt's legacy.

Personality Edit

Timothy was never revealed in any movie or whatever, but his personality has always been traced back to his childhood of being abused and neglected, he was very careless, violent, neglective and selfish in so many ways, he was ambitious and rude, a lack of compassion and the way he treated people was that he didn't cared out others' feelings, all of these traced to Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Timothy is very abusive and hurtful, Timothy purged when he's Paranoid and Angry, Timothy treated his children in a Nepotist manner, for example, his son, Timothy Max Roosevelt II, his only favorite child and the other children, many were abandoned, mistreated, and neglected by him. Timothy has apathy against his own family, for example, when his mother died in 1932, Timothy never had empathy for her, and when his father died in 1938, he also never cared. In his mother's will, he was required to adopt his brother and sister, but Timothy has beaten them brutally and abandoned them with their abusive and neglectful father in 1935.

Personal Life Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt had a secret personal life that he was the husband of Elizabeth Mary Alexandria and he fathered 23 Children with her. Timothy was an Atheist and Timothy was never in democratic participation.

Genealogy Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt came from an American Indian Ancestry, he also came from a European Ancestry, a Navajo Indian and Hopi Indian and Micmac Indian and his father was never there but his ancestry is mostly known.

Ethnicity Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt is pure blooded or largely blooded Native American, but he is Scandinavian European and Greek or Roman European, African American on low level and Russian and he came from the tribes of Navajo, Hopi, Micmac and Timothy is Canadian-American and more.

Health Edit

Medical Health of Timothy Max Roosevelt

Timothy Max Roosevelt is diagnosed with many disorders, he was diagnosed with PTSD, he had Paranoid Personality Disorder and had Intermittent Explosive Disorder, he had Klinefelter Syndrome and had Sexual Dysfunction, he also had an Eating Disorder and experienced Body Image.

For which Timothy had many lusts, he had Algolagnia and Timothy had many anger problems.

Physical Appearance Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt appeared differently, but he was imagined to look like Jaden Smith, but he was imaged to many, Johnathan Saint Montgomery iiii never remembered Timothy very well.

Marriage and Family Edit

Timothy married Elizabeth in 1935 and fathered 23 Children with her, Timothy only fathered 23 kids only and Timothy did not fathered most of them, Timothy had a chosen son, Timothy Max Roosevelt ii, but Timothy ii was not the oldest son.

Children Edit

Timothy had children, but fathered only 23 of them, Timothy had 43 children from other women and Timothy's Marriages were screwed up at the end of these Marriages.

List of Children of Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit
  1. Miranda Lomahongva
  2. Amanda Lomahongva
  3. Phoenix Beshiltheeni
  4. Eduard Beshiltheeni
  5. Maximilian Beshiltheeni
  6. Abigail Beshiltheeni
  7. Christopher Beshiltheeni
  8. Adelbert Beshiltheeni
  9. Albertina Beshiltheeni
  10. Schneider Beshiltheeni
  11. Alexandrine Beshiltheeni
  12. Russell Reese Roosevelt
  13. Emmerich Beshiltheeni
  14. Fredrich Beshiltheeni
  15. Fairbanks Roosevelt
  16. Samantha Roosevelt
  17. Catherine Roosevelt
  18. Jennifer Roosevelt
  19. Katherina Beshiltheeni
  20. Timothy Max Roosevelt ii
  21. Jamarius Roosevelt
  22. Cassandra Roosevelt
  23. Charlotte Roosevelt
  24. Katherine Roosevelt
  25. Christian Roosevelt
  26. Margaret Becky Roosevelt
  27. Christmas Roosevelt
  28. Katherine Roosevelt
  29. Tammany Roosevelt
  30. Alexander Roosevelt
  31. Victorious Roosevelt
  32. Maximilian Roosevelt
  33. Josephine Roosevelt
  34. Cosgrove Roosevelt
  35. Octavious Roosevelt
  36. Nefertiti Roosevelt
  37. Phoenix Roosevelt
  38. Shannon Roosevelt
  39. Jonathan Roosevelt
  40. Stephanie Roosevelt

Sexuality Edit

The Sexuality of Timothy Max Roosevelt is clear to see, but not when it comes to sexual orientation, there are rumors that are impossible to prove because of his death, that Timothy was Bisexual, living alleged witnesses was his half-sister, Comrade Senator, Samantha Amanda Montgomery, and she alleged to have discovered a men's magazine and love letters from men for Timothy in his suitcase when she was unpacking his items after returning from the Soviet Union.

Timothy's sexual addiction to women led to him become the father of 40 children, and he had several affairs during his four or five marriages. Timothy was so sex-crazed he actually documented how many women he had sex with each month. Timothy wrote many stories that are sexually languaged and when Timothy was bored, he would sketch sexual organs and activities obsessively, including Bestiality, Homosexual and Bisexual practices, and the sketches are still around and can be found in the Timothy Max Roosevelt Memorial Garden museum.

Timothy married his last wife, Elizabeth Mary Alexandria when she was 15-years-old in 1935, and Timothy was 25. Elizabeth admitted in 2012 that she and Timothy engaged in sexual intercourse for three years before their wedding year in 1935, and continued after right until his death in 2011. Elizabeth also admitted that Timothy did raped her several times, and some of his daughters.

Chawosauria's Consequences for Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Chawosauria after Timothy Max Roosevelt's death Edit

Chawosauria was badly effected by the Death of Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Imperial Chawallian Empire faced the consequences for supporting Timothy, all of Chawosauria faced the consequences for allowing Timothy to rule Chawosauria, Chawosauria faced decreasing population because Chawosauria spend their whole economy to pay for the funeral services for Timothy, Timothy's communism caused Chawosauria to lose foods, jobs, citizens, and they fell under the leadership of Antonio Kingston, which he was not such a good leader, his Communism was corrupting Chawosauria worse.

Dissolution of the Economy Edit

Chawosauria under the Imperial Chawallian Empire faced horrible economic problems since the death of Timothy Max Roosevelt, Chawosauria lost all foods, losing citizens by starvation, Timothy was the only ruler who knew how to feed the Chawosaurians, Chawallianity's military had became getting weaker and weaker, the Imperial Chawallian Empire grew way weaker by 2014.

Chawosaurian Liberation Movement Edit

see: Chawosaurian Liberation Movement

One of Chawallianity's consequences for having Timothy Max Roosevelt, was Chawosauria standing up and demand for independence from the Imperial Chawallian Empire, the movement began in July 2011, this led to the successions of Chawallian States from May 2012 to July 2014. Antonio Kingston established federalism for the Imperial Chawallian Empire, but was not going good, the Alaska Split came into effect on January of 2013.

Chawallianity Renaissance Edit

see: Chawallianity Renaissance

The Chawallianity Renaissance was a successful Chawosaurian Revolution that seek to overthrow the Imperial Chawallian Empire and the Government of the Imperial Chawallian Empire, the revolution was led by Samantha Wawetseka and was a big success in December of 2015.

Emancipation Proclamation of the Imperial Chawallian Empire Edit

see: Emancipation Proclamation of the Imperial Chawallian Empire

The EPICE Act was an act that disintegrated the whole Imperial Chawallian Empire and brought Chawosauria into liberation and still recovering from Timothy Max Roosevelt's processes

Chawosauria's lessons and ideas from Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Chawallian Communist Party (1)

Flag of the Chawallian Communist Party

Chawosauria believed Timothy Max Roosevelt was very idealistic, but to Joseph Lopez, Timothy was highly idealistic to the Chawallian Communist Party, which was Timothy's party, the party evolved while still following in Timothy's teachings, Chawosauria never abandon Timothy's every teaching.

Using Timothy Max Roosevelt's Legacy Edit

The Legacy of Timothy Max Roosevelt CAN be used by the Chawosaurians for their advantages, Chawosauria is still effected by Timothy Max Roosevelt's ideas.

Using Timothy Max Roosevelt as a weapon Edit

According to Christian Civil Rights in Chawosauria, Chawosaurians can use Timothy Max Roosevelt's teachings to deny Freedom of Religion for Christians, but Timothy Max Roosevelt is so offensive and terrifying to Christians, it gets easier for Chawosaurians to deny Chawosaurian Equality with Christians, and Using Timothy was a weapon to attack Christians.

Chawbalitan Lighting Bolt Edit

Chawallian Flag

Chawosaurian Flag is called the "Chawbalitan", the lighting bolt is the symbol of lighting strike against the enemies of Chawosauria, but Timothy's idea of the Lighting Bolt is tobe an Anti-Christian Symbol, and Chawosauria is still using that idea.

The Chawosaurian Flag is the most respected symbol of Chawosauria because it is the symbol of Chawosauria, the lighting bolt and star are the important symbols of the flag, the lighting bolt is the symbol of the lighting strike against the enemies of Chawosauria, and the star is the guidance over Chawosauria, but the lighting bolt is the symbol of victory over all enemies, because of Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Christians are still classified as enemies against Chawosauria, and the lighting bolt is the symbol of the demise of all of Chawosauria's enemies, Timothy added Christianity as part of Chawosauria's enemy list and Chawosauria uses the lighting bolt as an Anti-Christian Symbol.

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Chawosauria had the biggest leader in it's history.

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  • Timothy Max Roosevelt was a very assimilative and murderess person, he believed in Militarism and was the murder of Pacifists, Timothy was very Fascist against Christians, Anarchists, Libertarians, His own Family, Jews, Catholics, Blacks, Whites, other Indigenous Peoples, his own children, Germans, other Europeans.
  • Chawosauria believed that being a Christian is uncommon in society, a dirty manner of life that could not be accepted by their own society, however, Chawosauria still has laws on their books, criminalizing Christianity and the laws are still remained enforceable, Christianity in some of their states, carry life imprisonment, others, slavery, Christianity was the first religion in Chawosauria to file a lawsuit against the Chawosaurian Government for criminalizing Christianity itself, they used the case in the supreme court, Powell v. Chawmania, but the case was ruled against the Christians, basically the supreme court ruled that there is no constitutional protection for religious freedom.
  • In Chawosauria, it was against the Chawallian Code of Conduct for a civilian to wear what ever he or she wants, Timothy (when still in power) determined what his citizens can and cannot wear, he pressured his civilians with a dress code policy by restricting what color they can and cannot wear, like example, citizens have to wear black and white, women wear white, men wear black by law.
  • Religion is against the Chawallian Code of Conduct, religion is punishable under the law and some states in Chawosauria, it carried the death penalty.

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Garrett Bailey-2015

Garrett Bailey is the creator of the Timothy Max Roosevelt myth and the story itself was inspired by World History.

Garrett Bailey is the creator of the Timothy Max Roosevelt mythology and the myth itself was inspired by World History, which is his best personal interest, Garrett created the myth and added the myth of Chawosauria with it, which he added dark headlines to it.

Garrett had added Political, Spiritual and Dark parts in the myth and he was inspired by Dr Seuss and J.K. Rowling. Garrett had displayed the Timothy Max Roosevelt myth into his Chawosauria Mythology and created the most interesting and confusing parts.

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First Book

Timothy Max Roosevelt was first drafted out of Garrett's imagination on the Spring of 2014 on the First Book.

American Flag

Timothy Max Roosevelt was from the United States by birth.

Garrett Bailey drafted the Timothy Max Roosevelt Myth on this handmade book, that would never will be published, the history starts with this book and Garrett's Shihuangdia Myth, Garrett overtime, reforms his mythologies and Chawosauria is the most important one.

Garrett wrote the first book on May of 2014 and would not be published, Garrett's imagination coming to life started in 2014 and became the most at risk.

Garrett in 2015, created google sites and wikias to get started, he created a Wattpad to get on with it and also, Garrett brought in many stories, using non-copy-written images and used them for his own advantages, and edited images, which Garrett's greatest fear, is using copy-written images at risk, so risk is Garrett's most biggest fear, and failure is on the equal scale.

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Once the Chawosauria myth attracts attention, there would be many questions and offenses, Timothy is Native American, but also, according to the Timothy Max Roosevelt myth, Timothy terrorized other Native Americans, which back in the time before the European Colonization, and because of Garrett's knowledge of World History, Native Americans did fought against each other, and never was because of race, and the American Indian Wars was also over the issue of Race.

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