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Timothy Max Roosevelt

The Timothy Doctrine is the Foreign Policy of Timothy Max Roosevelt, that was founded based on Non-Interventionism, Protectionism, Anti-Zionism and Isolationism.

For Foreign Chawosaurian Nations, Timothy was an Imperialist who practiced Pan-Chawosaurianism, and Conquests of other nations. The Timothy Doctrine that was the Foreign Strategy of Chawosauria and their role in World War 2, the Cold War, the War on Terror, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and the Indigenous Peoples of nations conquered by Chawosauria.

Timothy Max Roosevelt demanded Protectionism on trade, Non-Interventionism on War, Antisemitism with Anti-Zionism that Opposes and condemns the Existence of Israel just because it is a Nation of Jews. Timothy vetoed and repealed Free Trade Agreements and Trade Policies with Fair Trade.

Background Edit

World War 2 ends and the Cold War begins, Israel becomes a nation in 1948 and the Chawosaurians and the Soviets condemned it, the Chawosaurians grow into new leadership in 1976, converting to a Soviet-Model Communist Nationalism from a Half-Liberal Half-Conservative Ideologies.

Christianity becomes a crime in Chawosauria in 1976 as it already has in the 1940s, Chawosauria added on their National Platform opposing the existence of Israel and Palestine, demanding the land tobe under Soviet Control, and the Chawosaurians passed laws criminalizing Advocacy for a Jewish State.