1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxThe "Three Deadly Minorities" is a highly and reasonably discriminatory Chawosaurian Idea to described groups of people that Chawosaurians believe tobe deadly dangerous and are people that cannot be trusted, people that are all, racist, homophobic, supremacist, bias, and are being classified by the Chawosaurians, that they want to seek to destroy Chawosauria supremacistly, the three deadly minorities are the Christians, Whites and Homophobic Peoples, and they were classified by Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt in the 1940s,

Chawosauria is a Christianophobic, Anti-Homophobic and Anti-White Supremacist (even though Chawosauria is pro-racist), and Chawosauria's relationship with Christianity is never smooth, or good, or pleasant, Chawosauria hates Homophobia, supporters of Homophobes are at 0.00%.

Etymology of the Three Deadly Minorities Edit

European Imperialism Edit

Christianity is a European Religion, even though it's ideas came from the Hebrews in the middle east, but spread widely across Europe years after Christ's death, during the time of the dark ages, Christianity overtook Europe continent-wide, according to the crusades, the Christians tried to assimilate the Muslims, so did the Muslims attempted to assimilate the Christians, for which, Medieval Europe, Chawosauria had relations with the vikings, for which, the vikings were Christian, but Celtic Christians, Chawosaurians went to Scotland to witness.

The Europeans had colonized the Americas and enslaved people from the new world, one of the reason, because they are not Christian, for which, the Europeans enslaved Non-Christians because they used the bible to justify slavery, some Chawosaurians were enslaved by the Europeans.

Assimilation of the American Indians Edit

The European Americans had conquered the American Indians and assimilated their children into Christianity, which the Chawosaurians found wrong, the Chawosaurians passed regulations against allowing Christian Immigrants into their world, and passed regulations that justified deporting Christian Families out of their world, in 1912, Chawosauria passed a regulation against insult against the bible, but the person who broke the regulation, was Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Native Americans were Christianized, but not all of them, there are no majority of Native Americans who are identified as Christian, nor a minority.

New Imperialism and White Supremacy Edit

Back in the time of New Imperialism, the Europeans used the bible to justify racism, because racism is not in the bible, which that's one of the reasons why Chawosaurians don't like Christians, because racism is not a sin, the Europeans colonized Africa completely and slaughtered millions of Native Africans.