In Chawosauria, The Patriarch (also known as The Monk, or The Priest) is a vengeful and deadly ghost patriarch who was the ghost of Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVI (1850-1945) and he haunts and curses his own family and anyone who conjures him.

Before death, Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVI was the family patriarch of both the Bismarck Family in Romania and the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral privately owned by the Bismarcks. In 1945, after World War II, Bismarck contracted Influenza, and due to his family's neglection, Bismarck died in an unsanitary condition in a sewer with Nazis who were hiding from the Soviets, though Bismarck wasn't a Nazi, like his family, the Nazis also done nothing to help Bismarck, Bismarck was allowed to die so uncomfortably covered in human waste while suffering from the Flu at the age of 95 while his family and the Nazis were too busy supporting Adolf Hitler.

Since his death, Bismarck's ghost, which eventually earned the name "The Patriarch" had been haunting people in a deadly manner, he is today feared by the Bismarck Family, and some people who conjured him.