"I had this dream, the Kikes were summoning the birth of an evil child, the son of the devil, and their eyes were pure red, they were cloaked, and they spoke an odd language. "
—The 12-year-old Garfield Webster describing a nightmare he had in 1872.

The Antichrist And His Devilish Minions was a title for an essay written by Garfield Lucas Webster to describe a nightmare he had about Jewish people. The essay was antisemitic, Garfield Webster wrote this essay in 1872 when he was attending Lievremont Academy.

In the essay, Garfield Webster accused the Jews of trying to summon the Antichrist, this was based on the dream Garfield Webster had, where Webster interpreted the occultists who were summoning the antichrist as Jewish people. Garfield Webster labeled Jewish people as "occultists".

Six hours before Garfield Webster died in bed in 1955, Webster labeled his essay as one of his "proudest" moments of his life.