1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxThe TMR Chawallianic Party was the current political party that Timothy Max Roosevelt ruled Chawosauria with, the political party was under the Autocratic Fascist Teachings of Timothy and also, the Chawallianic Party was inspired by the Nazi Party, the German National Socialist Workers' Party.

Timothy Max Roosevelt founded the party in 1937 in the U.S., in Portland, Oregon. The political party was best well known only by the Christians for their Anti-Christian Prejudices and teachings on how to get rid of Christians.

The Chawallianic Party was the most powerful political party until 2015 when the party's power got struck by EPICE, the political party had all kinds of Racist prejudices, anti-immigration laws and Anti-Christian judgement. The Chawallianic Party were radical anti-christian, Christianophobic if you'll call it, the TMR Chawallianic Party has been the most powerful of others, when it comes to the Chawallian Communist Party, the party was part of the Chawallianic Party.

The Chawallianic Party had lost 81% of power under EPICE and is today being led by Chairman, Timothy Max Roosevelt ii.

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Timothy Max Roosevelt was the founder of the party itself, Timothy organized the party tobe as powerful and Timothy passed rules for the party as how he saw the world as it (in his view) should look and be

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