Swiss Flag

Flag of the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland)

"Switzerland is a democratic federal republic. The federal legislative power is vested in the two chambers of the Federal Assembly, the National Council and the Council of States. The Federal Council holds the executive power and is composed by seven power-sharing Federal Councillors elected by the Federal Assembly. The judiciary branch is represented by the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, whose judges are elected by the Federal Assembly.Switzerland has a tradition of direct democracy. For any change in the constitution, a referendum is mandatory (mandatory referendum); for any change in a law, a referendum can be requested (optional referendum). In addition, the people may present a constitutional popular initiative to introduce amendments to the federal constitution. The people also assumes a role similar to the constitutional court, which does not exist, and thus acts as the guardian of the rule of law. Cantonal and municipal politics vary in the different cantons, which may have different systems"

In Chawosaurian Politics, the Swiss Model or the Swiss Deal is a Package of Programs meant to Legislate in a Direct Democratic Manner, where the Chawosaurian Government is similar to the Government and Politics of Switzerland.

The Swiss Model was proposed in 2007 by Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII.

Background Edit


Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII was the first of All Chawosaurian Politicians and Activists in Chawosaurian History to have proposed the "Swiss Model".

The Phrase "Swiss Model" was originated by the 2007 Comrade Elections, JSM pointed at Switzerland in his election cycle, causing him to wipe out the Comrade Republicans and defeat Bishop Warlock in a Unanimous Election. Sweeping himself into power. He actually established the Swiss Model, but after his impeachment process, Comrade President, Joshua Warlock, and Chawosaurian Dictator, Timothy Max Roosevelt, reversed his Swiss Model policies, one of the sparkings of the Chawosaurian Revolution. Only to Escalate when Timothy died in 2011.

The Administration of Antonio Kingston overruled Timothy's decision to reverse JSM's Swiss Model, the Chawosaurian Federal Election in 2015 was the first election to be truly impacted by 21st Century Style Direct Democracy. Chawosauria had been a Direct Democracy but didn't exist during the Timothy Era. Chawosauria was under the Soviet Model.