The Supreme Leader of the Empire of Chawosauria, also known as the Monarch of Chawosauria, the Dictator of Chawosauria, or the Chawosaurian Monarchy is the Democratic Absolute Monarchy of Chawosauria. The current Monarch of Chawosauria is Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a since March 3, 2019.

The Monarch of Chawosauria rules in various ways, most of them ruled as Supreme Leaders, with a small minority of them ruled with limited power, Monarchs are free to be partisan, Timothy Max Roosevelt affiliates himself with the Communist Party, and DKA affiliates with the Democratic Party in the United States. Monarchs are free to hold Dual Nationality.

The Chawosaurian Monarchy is also the most Wealthiest Job in Chawosauria, the Economic Class of the Monarch always is over $5.6 Billion per month. Timothy Max Roosevelt was the most richest Chawosaurian in Chawosaurian History, his net worth was $3.5 Trillion as of 2010, ironically Timothy was a Communist, Communists oppose Money and Classes.

Monarchs are coronated on Chinese New Years Day, after the 2019 federal election, the new Supreme Leader will be coronated on January 25, 2020, on Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat.

Types of Monarchs Edit

Realigning Monarchs* Edit

A Realigning Monarch is a monarch who changes the political establishment of Chawosauria, their power is stronger than an Aligning Monarch. They have similar powers as a totalitarian dictator. Most Realigning Monarchs have used their power for good for the people, but Chawosauria's recent realigning monarch, Timothy Max Roosevelt, used his realigning powers to change the political establishment in a direction of a Joseph Stalin style dictator who was tyrannical and brutal. Leading to a debate of rather or not the monarchy should be abolished.

Aligning Monarchs Edit

An Aligning Monarch is a monarch who supports the political establishment imposed by a realigning monarch, the aligning monarch's power is limited, and they're not very important in Chawosaurian History. All aligning monarchs were well documented by name, birth, death, reign, and rank, but not their accomplishments.

Dealigning Monarch Edit

A dealigning monarch is a monarch who simply just undo the political establishment of a realigning monarch and doesn't offer an alternative, there are no dealigning monarchs in Chawosaurian History, thereby they don't exist. A dealigning monarch has the absolute power to voluntarily abolish the monarchy and steps down from power, though the monarch doesn't really have to abolish the monarchy and steps down.

Qualifications and Rise to Power Edit

There are no qualifications for a monarch. Like the President of France, the Monarch is appointed by Universal Suffrage through a Federal Election. Chawosauria is an Elective Monarchy but popular vote centered. The Chawosaurian Federal Election in 1975 helped established that Chawosauria-Wide.

Powers and Duties Edit

The Chawosaurian Monarch is an Autocratic Ruler who has the freedom to decide how they want to govern, once a Monarch is chosen and coronated into power, they have to choose an heir, rather a family member or whoever.

The Chawosaurian Monarch can have any title he or she wants, rather Emperor, Empress, King, or Queen, Dictator, Supreme Leader, etc. The Chawosaurian Monarch is the Supreme Leader of the Chawosaurian Armed Forces, once a military order, it is obeyed by all Branches of Government regardless of Partisan support or opposition.

Like the President of the United States, the Chawosaurian Monarch cannot pass legislation in his or her partisan favor until the party of the monarch holds power in the Chawosaurian Government.

Political Party Reliance Edit

The Supreme Leader of the Empire of Chawosauria can govern easily if a political party that controls the Chawopolis Palace agrees with the monarch himself.

Era Supreme Leader Tenure SL's Political Party Leading Party in the Chawopolis Palace
1 Johnathan Santiago Alexandria 1900-1975 U.K. Liberal Party
Session Leading Party
1900-1905 Conservatives
1906-1909 Conservatives
1910-1919 Conservatives
1920-1925 Conservatives
1926-1929 Liberals
1930-1935 Liberals
1936-1939 Liberals
1940-1945 Liberals
1946-1949 Communists
1950-1955 Communists
1956-1959 Communists
1960-1965 Communists
1966-1969 Communists
1970-1975 Communists

Timothy Max Roosevelt

(Until death in 2011)

Supreme Leaders after Timothy's Death in 2011
Antonio Kingston
Joseph Mario Lopez
1976-2015 Communist Party
Session Leading Party
1976-1979 Communists
1980-1985 Communists
1986-1989 Communists
1990-1995 Communists
1996-1999 Communists
2000-2005 Communists
2006-2009 Communists
2010-2015 Communists

Samantha Wawetseka (until resigned in 2016)

Supreme Leaders after Malina's resignation in 2016
Abooksigun Eluwilussit
Political Party
Communist (Wawetseka)
Democratic✔ (Abooksigun)
(2016-2017) Communist Party

Malina Lusa Parker (until Assassinated in 2017)

Supreme Leaders after Malina's Assassination in 2017
Oconostota Eluwilussit
Feb 2017
Degotoga K. Atagulkalu
Political Party
Green Party✔ (Malina and Oconostoa)
Democratic (Atagulkalu)
5 Degotoga K. Atagulkalu
Supreme Leader after DKA's death
Ekewaka Mikala Kalawai'a
2018-2019 Left-Wing Coalition

(2018-2019) Left-Wing Coalition

6 TBD 2020-2029 TBD TBD

Between 1946-2017, the Communists reigned the Chawopolis Palace for pass a quarter century.

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