Sterraterra (Latin for Starland) (Also known as Starland) is an Outsider Super-Earth Exoplanet discovered by Chawosauria with their highly advanced Technology, an Alien Earth Planet that inhabits a race of alien species called the Sterraterrians, with their Sterraterrian Empire, which it's only Political Nation on their Political Map, their Capital City, Bulruteria, and their Leader, which unnamed. In the Atmosphere, equally balanced Nitrogen and Oxygen.

It is named Sterraterra because it is found that the Stars can be seen Day and Night of the Planet.

Role in Chawosauria Edit

Sterraterra is a fictional alien super-earth exoplanet, the land is barely seen due to thick air and clouds, the Chawosaurians discovered the planet on June 15, 2017, without permission from the Chawoversian Oligarchs, the planet's name is translated in English to mean "Starland" in Latin.

Chawosauria wanted the planet for themselves and by having a goal to get this planet, they want to occupy it, if Alien Lifeform lives on this planet, the Chawosaurians would be considering taking the planet by force, the Sterraterrians live on the planet for Billions of years, but the Chawosaurians demand the take the planet by force for their resources.

A Super-Earth Exoplanet Edit

An Exoplanet is a Planet outside the Solar System located in the Milky Way Galaxy, which is where we Humans are located. A Population so massive than Chawosauria and Humanity's, and the most Advanced Technology, so advance billions of years ahead of the Human and Chawoaurian Race that Chawosauria wants to begin a war with the Sterraterrians and hijack their weapons, learn how to use them, and use them against the Sterraterrians and use their technology to start wars and overthrow other Exoplanetary Alien Empires.