Spiridon Athan Bakirtzis (January 23, 1890-June 23, 1983) was a Chawosaurian Wizard and Politician who was a prominent member of the Bakirtzis family. He was better known for his hatred for Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII over Bismarck's affair with his sister, Ginevra, and having an illegitimate child with Ginevra in 1907. Bakirtzis had always hated Bismarck before the affair.

Bakirtzis also had a hatred for Timothy Max Roosevelt over a broken promise that he would be Prime Minister if he were elected Supreme Leader in 1975, Timothy broke that promise when he nominated Leonid Ivan Bzovsky instead, causing Bakirtzis to hate turn against Timothy and hated him so much until Bakirtzis, while Bakirtzis remained a Communist. If Bakirtzis were to become Prime Minister in 1980, he would have been the first Prime Minister in Chawosaurian History to have died in office and it would've created a Constitutional Crisis in Chawosauria because of the Constitution's lack of rules on the line of succession for a Prime Minister.