Solid West

The Solid West

In Chawosaurian Politics, the Solid West is a Sequoia Era political region of states in the Western States of America based on the history of each state voted for the Democratic Party in each Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election.

In the 2007 Comrade Elections, Johnathan Montgomery became the first Democrat since his mother in 1992 to win the whole Western United States and continued to win the whole region, except in his third election, he lost Alaska to the Right-Wing Paleoconservative Alaskan Independence Party.

Several Chawosaurian Voters of the West are South Park Republicans, they defected away from the Republican Party to vote for Johnathan Montgomery in all his elections.

Formation and History Edit

In the 1987 Comrade Elections, California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Montana voted for Cold War Liberal Democrat, Wawetseka Sequoia Eluwilussit, for the Comrade Presidency over Reagan Democrat and temporary Republican (until 1992) Johnathan F. MacKenzie, who only won Alaska, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Wawetseka Eluwilussit won these states mentioned above again in the 1992 Comrade Elections but also won Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho because of the sexual orientation of her Republican opponent, Garfield Mondale.