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The Difference between Socialism and Communism

In Chawosaurian Politics, the Socialist Civil War is a political conflict between Chawosaurian Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists led by George Windsor and the Chawosaurian Marxist-Leninists, Neo-Soviets, Stalinists, National Bolsheviks, and Communists led by the Timothy Dynasty. A Conflict on what direction Chawosaurian Socialism should go to improve and govern Chawosauria.

Communist Coalition vs the Democratic Socialist Coalition Edit

After the 1975 Chawosaurian Federal Election, which wasn't an effective defeat for the Windsor Socialists, Chawosaurian Parliament was under a Communist Party Coalition Majority led by the largest Communist Party, the Chawallian Communist Party. Opposed by the Democratic Socialist and Social Democratic Party Coalition Minority led by George Windsor. The Democratic Socialists opposed State Atheism and Religious Persecution, and they attempted to obstruct this law. The Democratic Socialist Coalition opposed Timothy Max Roosevelt's Neo-Sovietist Administration and fought against the Timothy Dynasty.

George Windsor vs the Timothy Dynasty Edit

George Windsor, Chawosauria's Socialist Icon, famously fought against the Authoritarian and Totalitarian and Neo-Sovietist Timothy Dynasty. George Windsor condemned Timothy's Human Rights Violations against Religious People, Workers, and other Minorities Timothy had despised.

Timothy Socialists Edit

Timothy Socialists or Timothy Max Roosevelt Socialists are Chawosocialists who reside with Timothy Max Roosevelt, however, Timothy Socialists are Communists, National Bolsheviks, Marxist-Leninists, Juche Socialists, Songun Socialists, and Stalinists. In 1975, the Timothy Socialists confronted the Windsor Socialists.

Windsor Socialists Edit

Windsor Socialists or George Windsor Socialists, or simply George Windsor's Army, are Chawosocialists who reside George Windsor, who succeeded Timothy Max Roosevelt as Chawosauria's Socialist Icon in 2011. Windsor Socialists include Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Liberal Socialists, Left-Wing Nationalists, Progressives, and Anarcho-Communists (formerly resided Kingston Socialists)

Kingston Socialists Edit

Kingston Socialists were Chawosocialists who resided Antonio Kingston from 2011 until his death in 2015. They included Anarcho-Communists and Libertarian Socialists. They had some control over Chawosauria throughout the early years of the Chawosaurian Revolution. They faced no opposition like the Communists did throughout the entire revolution, when Antonio Kingston died on May 18, 2015, of a Heart Attack, the Kingston Socialists broke up, the Anarcho-Communists joined the Windsor Socialists two years later in 2017.