The Chawosaurian Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party widely known as Social Democrats (founded August 8, 2017) is a Social Democratic Party in Chawosauria. Also called the Chawosaurian Social Democratic Party. The Party fights for Social Democratic Platform based on the Founding of George Windsor III.

The Party split from the Chawosaurian Democratic Party but made alliances with the Party but would compete against each other. The Party is influenced by Chawosauria's Socialist Icon, George Windsor. Windsor praised the Party's founding, arguing it is the next step to a New Generation of Chawosauria's Socialist Movement. Chawosauria has been under Communist Control since 1975.

The Party is determined to Create a Left-Wing Populist Movement. Tackling the Dominance of Corruption of Communist and Neo-Sovietist Politicians of Chawosauria, and also Tackling the Wealthy Elites.

2017 National Platform Edit

On September 15, 2017, the Social Democratic Workers' Party Convention has drafted its first National Platform.

  1. Create a Society and Economy that works for all Chawosaurians, not only for the elites.
  2. Support Human Rights and Civil Rights for Chawosaurians regardless of Race, Gender, Greed, Disability, Nationality, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity.
  3. Oppose Human Rights Violations and restore Chawosaurian Democracy that once existed in Chawosauria before Timothy Max Roosevelt.
  4. End Oligarch Rule and place Government Representation to the People, the worker.
  5. Support a Clean Environment, Sustainability, and oppose the Fossil Fuel Industry.
  6. Oppose Regime Change Wars.
  7. It shall be against Party Ethics to address the Religious Freedom Movement positively.

Amendments rejected by the SDWP Edit

  • Religious Freedom Amendment.
    • 458- NO
    • 435- YES
  • Gun Rights Amendment
    • 535- NO
    • 3- YES

Party History Edit

The Social Democrats who were Multi-Citizens from both their Birth Nations and Chawosauria founded the SDWLP. were founded on August 8, 2017, by George Windsor III to continue the legacy of his grandfather. Chawosauria was being ruled by their corrupt masterminds and have decided to fight against them because to them, the Communist Party does not regulate their corrupt power very much. The Social Democrats vowed on their establishment to fight and win, starting with the 2017 Special Elections. It was renamed the Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party but decided to keep their old name, the Social Democratic Workers' Party as a logo.