Shannon Diana Roosevelt, the daughter of Timothy Max Roosevelt, the daughter of Elizabeth Mary Alexandria, she is the journalist of Chawosauria but lives in the United States with her husband.

Shannon Roosevelt was abused by her father and when she moved to the United States in 1977, she found refuge in Atlanta, where she met her husband, who was an African American Civil Rights Veteran and a Vietnam War Veteran as well, she had a marriage, but at a court house because marriage cost too much and after she had two children, she had successfully reached her goal of being a good mother.

Early Life Edit

Shannon Diana Roosevelt was born on January 1, 1959, she was born in Canberra, Australia, she was born to a fascist activist, Timothy Max Roosevelt and Elizabeth Mary Alexandria, who was the queen-empress of Chawosauria, she was a very intelligent student, her views on prehistory and evolution and world history was very amazing, she won a degree in history, science and also mathematics, she is also intelligent in world religion, but not in how the Chawallians look at world religion, she studied the bible secretly, but never believed in it, she was very secretive but she wanted to move to the united states to study her truth independently.

Shannon finally moved to the United States and began a journalist.

Early Career Edit

Shannon Roosevelt moved to the United States and became a journalist, she went to journal at the supreme court case, Bowers v. Hardwick (1986) in 1986 and on June 30, 1986, she said it was an unjust case and should never be ruled in that way, she journal in the White House when Ronald Reagan took second office and she journal at East Germany when Ronald Reagan when he spoke at the Berlin Wall in 1987.

Journalism Edit

Shannon journalized when Bill Clinton took first office in 1993, she heard that Don't Ask Don't Tell was signed, she said that "Discrimination is an unnatural thing that people still do today?", afterwards, a person told her about the justifications of the bible, but she said that she was Agnostic and her parents were smart enough to not raise her under some dirty lifestyle they call a religion.

Personal Life Edit

Shannon Roosevelt is an Agnostic, she was asked that if she believed in god, she replied in these words, "well i don't glory in a fifty dirty lifestyle that the Christians call their religion" she in a moment was asked that she doesn't like Christians, she said "i don't like them much, but they have the constitutionality in this country to call their dirty lifestyle (their religion) a religion" she is married to Quandarious Albuquerque and had two children with him.

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