The Sexuality of Chawosauria is a matter of controversy, Incest is practiced among Chawosauria's higher class and noble families, Chawosauria even decriminalized Incest earlier in 2018, Child Marriage and Pedophilia is rarely featured, for example, Timothy Max Roosevelt was 25 when he married his wife, Elizabeth Mary Alexandria when she was 15 in 1935. Marriage between minors is very rarely featured in Chawosauria, Frederick William Schwartz, and Cassandra Bismarck, two of Chawosauria's wealthiest and powerful hierarchs, married in 1865 in honor to the Second Schleswig War, way before they turned 18 years old in separate years.

In Chawosauria's Schwartz Family, one of Chawosauria's wealthy privileged families, Jonathan O. Schwartz marries his niece and actually has children with her. In the Montgomery Family, another of Chawosauria's wealthiest and powerful families, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII marries his first cousin, Jacqueline Maria Theresa Montgomery II, in the summer of 2017. Polygamy is not featured in Chawosauria but mentioned in Chawosauria. Despite Chawosauria's disturbing sexual diversity, Homosexuality and Bisexuality are both mentioned and featured in Chawosauria in a positive way, promoting social acceptance and championing Civil Rights and Social Equality, but Chawosauria is not promoting social acceptance for Pedophilia, Bestiality, and Incest, even though they are featured and mentioned in the Chawosauria fictional series.