In the Aristocracies of Chawosauria, Sex is unlimited and mostly perverted. Incest is widely practiced to keep the Royal bloodline alive, but also for pleasure because of Genetic Sexual Attraction triggered by Systemic Incest.

Regardless of sexual orientation, Inter-Sexual Orientation Marriage is practiced, not for love, but to produce the population of aristocratic offspring, sometimes interbreeding between Heterosexuals and Homosexuals can lead to negative mental results to the offspring, for example. Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII and his sister, Jacqueline Montgomery, have obsessive sex drives and they're so crazy they married their cousins for love.

The Inbreeding in the Timothian Dynasty is so problematic several offspring of coupled-cousins, siblings, etc, are severely crazy.

On May 3, 2018, rumors of Timothy Max Roosevelt was the product of incest (which would explain his mentally ill reign) began to spread drastically across Chawosauria and the Chawosaurian Department of Biology and the Bureau of Biology agreed unanimously to investigate the genes of Timothy Max Roosevelt, his blood DNA is still being stored in several laboratories after Timothy died.

History Edit

As Europe began to colonize the Continent of North America, Aristocratic Families of Europe showed up in the Chawalliankalitan Empire's capital. The MacDonalds came to the Chawalliankalitan Empire and intermarried with the Chawalliankalitan Monarchy and their offspring became monarchs. Nicholas MacDonald, Garfield MacDonald, and Christian MacDonald were Emperors, the Chawalliankalitans intolerated Interracial Marriage, so the MacDonald Family moved their blood back to England.

The Schwartz Family and the Maximilian Family, who were assumed to be related to the MacDonalds, which it's possible, intermarried again with the Chawalliankalitan Aristocracy, and their offsprings, George Maximilian, Abooksigun Maximilian, Jacob Maximilian, Jonathan Maximilian, and Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery, became Emperors. Johnathan Montgomery's step-great-grandson, Timothy Max Roosevelt, his distant in-laws, Antonio Kingston, Samantha Wawetseka, Abooksigun Eluwilussit, Oconostota Eluwilussit, and Degotoga K. Atagulkalu, all became monarchs as well.

Rise of Aristocratic Incest (1860s-1945) Edit

Since the 1860s, Aristocratic families have been inbreeding to keep it in the royal families, by World War II, inbreeding became very common. In 2018, the Chawosaurian Departments of Ancestry, Biology, and Birth and Health began investigations of the family tree of the Timothian Families, which involves several investigations to Timothy's mental health.