In Chawosauria, Secular Conservatism (also known as Chawo-Conservatism, Center-Left Conservatism, Left-Conservatism, Left-Wing Conservatism, or Chawosaurian Liberal Conservatism) is Conservatism that does not involve Religion in a non-biased manner. This is an attempt to spread Conservative ideas in Chawosauria without discussing religion favorably or negatively. This is due to fears of alienating Chawosaurians or the fact that if Conservatives in Chawosauria do preach Religious Conservatism or Traditionalist Conservatism in Chawosauria, these Conservatives will not get elected due to paranoia or suspicion from Chawosaurian Voters.

Secular Conservative principles involve Reaganomics, the Reagan doctrine, or sometimes Thatcherism in general, but for those Conservatives who are centrists, call for Clintonism, or in another case, Blatcherism. The whole ideology of Secular Conservatism is to support Neoliberalism and for those Secular Conservatives who are center-leftists, Third Way Social Democracy that was implemented by U.S. President Bill Clinton and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair in the 1990s.

This brand of Conservatism was embraced by Charles Muskie in the 2019 Comrade Elections.