Since July 18, 2017, it became publicly known by the Chawosaurian Press that the Chawosaurian Jurisdiction of Seaforth, Sydney, Australia was having a sexual encountering issue. Chawosaurian Journalists speculate that this is the Newport Sex Scandal of Chawosauria. It became clear that a group of Chawosaurian Christian Women were seducing Chawosaurian Atheist Men into sexual activity. This Controversy struck Widespread Attention from the Chawosaurian Public. However, Sexual Activity between people of the different religions and Interfaith Marriages are Illegal. Unlike Chawosauria's Anti-Miscegenation Laws, State Forced Abortions are unneeded for Interfaith Couples as are for Interracial Couples in most Chawosaurian States.

Background Edit

In the summer of 2017, Chawosaurian Jurisdiction of Seaforth Law Enforcement encountered an Interfaith Sex Party in a Yacht, they were arrested from the yacht for Exogamy.

Chawosaurian Media Coverage Edit

The Chawosaurian Media began their coverage on this sex scandal since October 24, 2017, received widespread disgust and condemnation.

Investigations and Trials Edit

Investigations began on October 24, 2017, the Seaforth Province has decided to sentence the sex partiers on October 26, 2017, a decade in prison, after months of trial.