Heads up: † means a captain dies while still owning the ship.

In the history of the Webster family, the Sea Serpent Ship (formerly the Webster Dragon) was a Spanish Galleon ship owned by George Lucas Webster, Garfield Lucas Webster, and was passed down from father to son and is presently owned by Garfield Lucas Webster II since 1955. The ship was built in 1741 in Spain, and was given to Charles Aaron Webster (1721-1816) in 1743. The property and relic of the Webster family, the Sea Serpent, widely referred to in this day, formerly the Webster Dragon during the time George Webster owned this ship, was used for adventurous travels and hunts.

The Sea Serpent was a powerful ship that it could ride on the waves of a hurricane storm, a very large ship, over 200 feet tall, and a wide miles long, this ship could hold 200 cannons, over 500 crew members, and a mansion size captain's quarters, along with a dining room, several bedrooms. Garfield Lucas Webster was born on the ship in 1860 at the port of Saint Petersburg, Russia, and George Webster died on this ship at the same location at Saint Petersburg in 1896, 36-years after his son's birth.

The ship is still in the hands of the Webster family, it is said this ship is haunted by the ghost of George Webster, in 1961, a kid was killed after wandering in the ship without the approval of the Websters, and the Websters settled a lawsuit from the kid's mother in 1962. The Websters refused to release this ship in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

While the Sea Serpent was used for good, it was also used for evil by its early owners, Charles Aaron Webster used the Sea Serpent's immense power to kill Indigenous peoples of British America, the Caribbean, and Oceania and the Pacific Ocean, and Charles Webster used the ship's power to kidnap and transer Africans for enslavement. Thomas Webster used the ship to bully coastal Native Americans from Atlantic Canada by blowing up their villages. James Lyons Webster placed a black magic curse to gain vengeance against a crew member, and George Webster used the ship to hold stolen items.

In March 2019, the Webster family had a controversial conflict with the Chawosaurian Representatives of African-American History Institutes over the ownership of this ship due to its hidden role in the Slave Trade.