In the Orbian World, Sea Dragons (also referred to as Orbian Dragons) are the only breed of dragons that exist in this world, especially in the Chawosaurian World. A sea dragon is a giant sea serpent that has mutatively expanded their size thanks to Climate Change, causing sea serpents indigenous to Chawosauria to grow monstrous size and became dubbed by Chawosaurians (especially Northern Chawosaurians) as sea dragons. Chawosaurian Sea Serpents have been previously called Midgards, but Chawosaurian Midgards expanded to monstrous size because of climate change, and they mostly exist in the Arctic areas of Chawosauria, which it's why they're a grave threat to Northern Chawosaurians more than Southern Chawosaurians.

Chawosauria's sea dragons are extreme, large sea monsters that only cause harm to Chaworbises, but pose no threat to the non-orbis world as a result of Orbian Sorcery. Chawosaurians hide these sea dragons from humanity, but often allowed sea dragons to harm the Orbian World. There are Orbians including Chawosaurians who can speak to sea dragons, it was previously a Chawosaurian Dark Magic ritual, but it expanded much of the Posthuman, Orbian universe.

Sea dragons' physical appearances made them "dragon-like" and they're "dragons of the sea" has made them terrifying. In Chawosauria, the only family who retains the ability to speak to sea dragons and other reptiles are the Bismarck family. Sea dragons cause extreme damage and they pose a risk to Chawopolis City, although they never attacked the city.