"The Schwartz family never appeared very often as they used to back when Frederick William Schwartz was Prime Minister, this family are possibly German. Oh yes, the family still exist, the question is, how long they'll exist?"
—Elisabeth Miriam Bismarck answering her son Charlie Potter's question about the Schwartz family, March 23, 2019.

The Schwartz family are a German-American aristocratic family that resides in the United States. The family was founded by Catherine Anna Schwartz in 1645 with the birth of George Maximilian Schwartz.

The family was brought into prominence by Frederick William Schwartz, the first Prime Minister of Chawosauria from 1860 to 1899. The family intermarried with the Bismarck family a few times, most prominently Victoria Anna Schwartz with her second cousin, Dragomir Ludwig Bismarck in 1959.

This family is not as large as the Bismarck family, their related family, and they may not survive for another century because of cousin marriage and the inbreeding that was going on in the family.