In Chawosaurian Horror, the Sawyer Bismarcks or Texas Chainsaw Bismarcks are Southern Bismarcks who are based in Texas but are Texas Chainsaw fashion, which it's why they're called "Sawyer Bismarcks" based on the Sawyer family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. Their sociopathic and animalistic behavior is a clear perfect result of generations of Inbreeding in the Bismarck family.

The Sawyer Bismarcks live in an old abandoned sawmill somewhere in Southern Texas deep in the woods. The sawmill is where the Sawyer Bismarcks do their tortures, and it is also where the word "Sawyer" came from. That was reported by an escaped survivor.

Sawyer Bismarck family tree Edit

Father Son Daughter Mother
Mother Father
Charles Monte Bismarck Son Daughter Charlotte Buchanan
Charles Andrew Bismarck Charlotte Andrea Bismarck
Mother to Father to
Jacob Isaac Bismarck Charlie Bismarck Sidney Lucas Bismarck

Charles Monte Bismarck and Charlotte Buchanan are the parents of Charles Andrew Bismarck and Charlotte Andrea Bismarck.

Charles Andrew Bismarck, and his sister, Charlotte Andrea Bismarck are the mother and father of Jacob Isaac Bismarck, Charlie Bismarck, and Sidney Lucas Bismarck.

Charles Andrew Bismarck also has another son named James Lucas Bismarck (b. 2000) from his raped victim.

Murderous Side of the Bismarck Family Edit

The Sawyer Bismarcks got their name from being similar to the Sawyer family, the murderous family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. The Sawyer Bismarcks' craziest, horrific, and wild murderous activities forced the mainstream Bismarck family to distance themselves away from the Sawyer Bismarcks, defunded them, and refused to accept that the Sawyer Bismarcks are one of the results of their aristocratic inbreeding to, of course, continue their cousin inbreeding to increase their wealth and power over Chawosauria.