In Chawosauria and the Bolesław family, Salazar Bolesław (fl.c. Early Middle Ages) was a legendary occultist noted for his dark sorcery, his cunning, determination, and cleverness. He was regarded as one of the most evilest men in his time by the people who knew him. Bolesław founded the Bolesław family sometime in the early middle ages, and Salazar Boleslaw was hunted down by Christian Crusaders all over Medieval Europe.

Salazar Boleslaw is said to be a servant of Satan or another antagonistic deity from Slavic Paganism. Salazar Boleslaw founded the Boleslaw family in the Early Middle Ages. The family had been cursed with the occultist history in their family bloodline despite trying to live a Christian lifestyle.

Salazar Boleslaw was born in the early middle ages, somewhere in either Germania or somewhere in Eastern Europe. His family is unknown. His early life of Salazar Boleslaw is unknown but is widely known for his occultist rituals.

It is said that he was finally killed by the Catholic Church in the Crusades. It is not clear how he died, it is not known when he died. Rumors and legend continue. Salazar Boleslaw was the shadow of Albus Bismarch for using his sorcery for evil.