Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas

In Chawosaurian Society and Culture, the name Saint Nicholas is used so greatly and a very widely popular name in Chawosauria, the name was first used with Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck and continuously with the Bismarck Family.

Throughout Chawosaurian History, because of Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery, Chawosauria's last Chawalliankalitan Emperor, the name Saint Nicholas became such a very wide popular name because of the name represents the memory of the First Brutal War.

History Edit

Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck (1030-1136) Edit

Bratomill Bismarck named his youngest son Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck aster Saint Nicholas, which was controversial for the Medieval Bismarck Family, but since this individual, Jonathan named his son after him, and his biological successors all the way to Jonathan Saint Nicholas Bismarck XXVIII.

First Brutal War (1860-1905) Edit

The Chawalliankalitan Empire was lastedly ruled by Emperor, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery. Because of this emperor, his name became a very powerful name, especially Saint Nicholas. The results of the First Brutal War was so very devastating that the Emperor's middle name Saint Nicholas became a representative to the memory of their past because of Emperor, Montgomery became the symbol of the Chawosaurian Golden Age.