The Chawosauri (also known as SS Chawosauri) is a Chawosaurian Spacecraft Assault Carrier as part of Chawosauria's Space Colonization Preparation. The plan is to build one similar to, and as large as the CAS-Class Assault Carrier, a Spacecraft used by the Covenant from the Halo Series.

Inspiration, Architect, and Construction Edit

CAS Assault Carrier

A Covenant Assault Carrier from the Halo Series.

The Chawosauri assault carrier was inspired by the Architecture of the Covenant's Assault Carriers. But Chawosauria's other Spacecraft Arsenals would be architected based on the UNSC Space Arsenals.

Inspiration Edit

The Chawosauri was inspired by the Fighting Power and Architecture of the Covenant Assault Carrier.

Construction Edit

Unfortunately, Constructing this Assault Carrier is not possible in 2018 or beyond before 2030. Chawosauria can start constructing this in the early 2020s, but would not completely be finished immediately, it requires difficulty and money, in 2018, Chawosauria was deep into Civil War, making it harder for Chawosauria to begin construction, and Reconstruction of Chawosauria from the destruction from the Civil War requires extended funding to Infrastructure while reconstruction. With the Great Blackout nearly ending Social Order, Chawosauria would have to provide extended for the Construction of Sustainable Energy Technology to recover Chawosauria from the Blackout. Shrinking the saved funding required for the Construction of these spacecraft.

Navigation and Usage Edit

How the Covenant navigated and used their Assault Carriers can be found in Halopedia and or Halo Wiki. It is complex for Chawosaurians and has been studied by Chawosaurian Scientist, Chester Bellock.

Fighting Power of the Covenant Assault Carrier and the Chawosauri Edit

Carrier Glassing

A Covenant Carrier Glassing New Mombasa, Kenya, Africa, Earth

According to Halopedia, the Covenant Carriers do an act called "Glassing", which it's an act that causes "Orbital Bombardment" which it's presumably (Chawosauria Wiki's guess) a planet paused from orbiting. Glassing does destroy civilizations according to Halopedia, the Covenant uses Plasma Weaponry, part of the Covenant's Fighting Power. The UNSC, as like throughout Human History, uses Bullet and Nuclear Arsenals.

The Chawosauri Edit

The Chawosauri's fighting power is planned to be similar to the Covenant's Fighting Power.

The Effects of being Glassed Edit


A Planet's Surface effected by a Glassing

Glassing destroys both a Planet's Environment and Civilization, it would also harm a Planet's Ecosystem in many ways, which that last part is rare throughout the whole Halo Series.