The Russian Exclusion Act of 2017, or widely known as the "Russian Ban" is a Chawosaurian Legislative Order that would ban all Russian Immigrants, Migrants, Refugees, Exports and would expel Exchanged Comrades from Chawosauria and from entering Chawosauria and would amend the Defense of Nationalism Act of 2017, a legislative order that bans Immigration, Migration and Foreign Exports.

The Russian Ban is the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Muslim Travel Ban of Chawosauria. It was introduced by Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII (JSNMVII+D-NY), as part of his response to the United States Intelligence Community's allegations of Russia taking a role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election by hacking the election in Trump's Favor due to Trump's clumsy positivity for Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who is an Authoritarian Leader of Russia and ironically an enemy of the United States' foreign policy that promotes Democracy and Cooperation. On June 3, 2017, the bill passed the House. Passed the Senate on October 26, 2017.