Abooksigun Eluwilussit (2016)

Abooksigun Eluwilussit was a Democrat from New York, the first Democrat in Chawosaurian History since Jonathan Santiago to gain Monarchical Power over Chawosauria.

Since the Monarchy of Abooksigun Eluwilussit in 2016, and the 2016 US Presidential Election, the Democratic Party from the United States of America has for the first time in Chawosaurian History has gained Popularity among Chawosaurian History.

The Chawosaurians are now facing their own Fall of Communism later than the Soviet Union in 1991, Communism begins to decline in Chawosauria since 2015 and a new rise of Liberalism begins to return to Chawosaurian Culture for the first time in Chawosaurian History since the Christian New Deal, which was a Conservative Social Program that drove Chawosaurian Liberalism into Extinction, but Chawosaurian Communism has helped Liberalism recover from Extinction and helped Liberal leaders such as Abooksigun Eluwilussit, Malina Parker, and DKA come to Political Power for the first time in Chawosaurian History.

The Ideas of the United States Democratic Party has led to the promotion and creation of a new Chawosaurian Political Party, the Chawosaurian Democratic Party, a Direct Democracy Party that is similar to the United States Democratic Party.