Chawoserbia has always been a very Progressive Nation when it comes to Religious Freedom. Religious Chawoserbians have the exact same Rights, Freedoms, and Responsibilities Secular Chawoserbians have. Chawoserbia is a Positively Atheist Nation, meaning Atheism is strong in Chawoserbia, but it doesn't effect Religious Peoples in Chawoserbia.

Under the Chawoserbian Constitution, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, the right to express one's beliefs is absolute under the Human Rights Amendment. Religion is protected under the Human Rights Amendment. Outlawing Discrimination, Hate Speech, and Suppression.

Human Rights Amendment Edit

Text of the Human Rights Amendment

  1. The Nation of Chawoserbia does not allow Discrimination in Housing, Employment, Education, Credit, Labor, Trade Unions, Voting, and Bans Hate Speech and Crimes, Vandalizing, Violence, Bullying, Harassment, Demagoguery, Suppression or all forms of Discrimination on the basis of Race, Ethnicity, Ancestry, Heritage, Nationality, Immigration Status, Colour, Religion, Irreligion, Gender, Sex, Sexual Orientation/Preference, Gender Identity/Expression, Political Party, Political Affiliation, Age, Disability & National Origin.
  2. Violating the First Section is Punishable with a $ 535,675,464,675 fine and it's also the cost of bail. The Penalty is 65 Years in Federal Prison and if violated again, Life in Prison, bail blocked.
  3. Freedom of Religion, Speech, Expression, and Assembly is Absolute Protected. A Human Right.
  4. Democracy is based on Direct Democracy.
  5. Immigration and Multiculturalism is what makes Chawoserbia Beautiful and Alive. Refugees are greatly welcome in Chawoserbia as long as they pass Background Checks and Investigations.

Living Conditions Edit

Religious and Irreligious Chawoserbians have the same rights of living, Housing, Education, and Healthcare is free for all and Government Funded. Military Service is free for all.