2018 Religious Freedom vs State Atheist Laws of Chawosauria

Religious Freedom and Secular Equality Laws (as of January 1, 2018). Green: Protection from State Troopers but not Federal Troopers. Blue: Laws that protect Religious people from state troopers but also from federal troopers only if religious people pay federal taxes.

In Chawosaurian Politics, Religious Freedom and Secular Equality Laws are state laws that protect non-Irreligious Chawosaurians from the enforcement of Section 126 by state troopers but are too weak to protect religious Chawosaurians from the enforcement of Section 126 by federal troopers. Not meaning Freedom of Religion is an actual right in these states. Religion is legal in the eyes of state law, but not federal law, and federal troops must enforce that federal law.

In fact, these laws do protect religious people from federal troopers if the state makes religious people federal taxpayers, these laws are called "Human Rights Laws". The laws also recognize Secular Equality meaning states shall be secular states rather than atheist states.

How do these laws work? Edit

A Religous Freedom and Secular Equality Law mandates that all religious people have to be taxpayers, basically a religious person has to pay in order to be religious. It is a way for these people to be protected from the persecution by state troopers.

How to pass these laws? Edit

Passing these laws is not easy, the passage of a RFSE Law requires a bargain with the federal government, the state has to offer to make a specific religious group taxpayers, but must the federal government something in exchange for them to approve the offer.