Reina Mika (nee Hagiwara) Murakawa (Japanese: 萩原美奈 Hagiwara Reina) (January 31, 1922-June 23, 1965) was the founder and headmistress of Hagiwara Academy between 1945 to her death in 1965.

Reina Hagiwara was a controversial figure that naming a boarding school after Hagiwara was too controversial for the Chawosaurian Board of Education's taste. Hagiwara was a Japanese Imperialist, she had sexual affairs with former Chawosaurian Prime Minister Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII and former Chawosaurian Senator Walerian I. Boleslaw.

Hagiwara gave her boarding school four houses named after four major aristocratic families, the Bismarck family, the Webster family, the MacCarthy family, and the Bolesław family, thus befriending the four major wealthy families.

Reina Hagiwara was born in Imperial Japan in 1922, born to Hidesuke Hagiwara, and Fumika Hagiwara.

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