The Chawosaurian Recession of 2011-2018 began by the Death of Timothy Max Roosevelt, was when because of the absence of Timothy Max Roosevelt, Chawosaurian students were denied jobs because of more rises of Discrimination, more Racial Discrimination took rise, Chawosauria was currently racially diverse and Timothy's plan for Red People with Green Eyes as the dominate race currently failed in 1947, Timothy decided to move to Communist Programs for Racial Equality on the ablism manner.

Chawosauria discriminated Disabled People instead, they were denied jobs during the Administration of Timothy Max Roosevelt, during that administration, Racism still existed because of Religious Extermination and only hired Atheist Arctic People, Arctic Indian and Scandinavian decent, more racial minorities, Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, and Arabs and non-Scandinavian people were discriminated against.

After Timothy Max Roosevelt died, More Discrimination rose, more firings, and more police reports, less regulation on big businesses, and more greedy billionaires and millionaires took power over the Chawosaurian Government, Timothy kept his people in line, by denying homes, cloths, food and needs to people, who's race, gender, religion, disability and personality, are considered "infuriating", and Timothy persecuted these people also, although sexual orientation was not included, Timothy did still discriminated but regardless of sexual orientation.

Discrimination was the main tool of the recession of Chawosauria because the Chawosaurians felt not all people deserve life, or rights, women's rights, black rights and Christian Rights are considered not important in Chawosauria and are considered too infuriating to hear.

Causes Edit

Death and Funeral of Timothy Max Roosevelt Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt died on May 13, 2011, and his state funeral was extremely costly, the stock markets have decreased as the government used all money to pay off the funeral and burial. Timothy's casket was very costly.

Falling Employment Edit

Timothy's death triggered the rise of the Unemployment rate, from 0.1% in 2010 to 70.5% in 2012.

Chawosaurian Revolution Edit

The Recession has triggered the Chawosaurian Revolution in a bad way. Increased the revolution that already began in 2009.

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