In Chawosauria, Re-Paganization (also spelled Re-Paganisation, sometimes called Modern Paganization) is a purposed Religious Crusade to restore Chawosauria's old Pagan heritage by allowing Modern Paganism to spread in Chawosauria while still stopping Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other major religions from spreading. Paganism is still popular in Chawosauria, despite now an Atheist society. 

This plan was planned that after in case Chawosauria wins the Chawo-Christian Conflict over the Christians, Chawosaurians will live free to live their Pagan lives that they used to live before the First Brutal War, and peacefully transition from an Atheist society to a Pagan society. Chawosauria used Atheism as a weapon against Christianity, and it has worked drastically. 

This program was purposed by the Bismarck Family on September 23, 2018, and will become an issue in the 2019 Federal Election