Rationalization of Chawosauria
Rationalization of Chawosauria
Vital statistics
Start 1900
End 1978
Prerequisites Unknown
Level Successful Rationalized Chawosauria
Location Chawosauria
Rewards Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Next
Secularization Liberalization
The Chawosaurian International Supreme Court issued the Rationalization of Chawosauria Act, a document that was signed into law to Replace Chawosauria from Religion into Pure Atheism, replacing the religion of Christians with Atheism includingly, the Chawosaurians used the law to force the Christians into Atheism, and other religions, the Chawosaurians began to use State Atheism as a tool to get rid of the mental beliefs of other individuals and their own people.

Rationalization fell under the hands of the Chawallians after conquering all of Chawosauria and dominated the nation with brutal force, in 1978, the rationalization was successfully complete.